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Submitted Date:  2004/10/4
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This is just an older version.
Newer is here:

myAlbum-P is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.
This module was made with a slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".

Since myAlbum-P can be used with multi purpose, you can easily install this module multiply.

Especially, ImageManager integration is useful for almost XOOPS users.
This feature makes that almost XOOPS modules can treat auto-resized & auto-thumnails-made images by imagemanager.
Of course, auto-created thumnails are used in selecting images and in the artile body, though the thumnail in the article body has a link to the main bigger images.

In myAlbum-P 2.84, ImageManager Integration can treat non-image files. (Simplified Attachment Manager Integration)
This means that you can attach any type of files (PDF, Excel, Word ... yes!) into almost modules which have XoopsDhtmlTextarea.

"myAlbum-P is not a hacked module."
Although myAlbum-P started from a debugging version of daniel's myAlbum 1.1.3 historically,
codes of the recent version has very little relation to daniel's myAlbum.

Of course, I know myAlbum-P uses images from daniel's myAlbum.
This is the reason why I never eliminate daniel's name and URL from credit or footer.

I maintain myAlbum-P whose table's structures are fully compatible with myAlbum 1.1.3.
But I know that this limitation prevents myAlbum-P from better improvement too.

If I could, I'd like to make another photo album module fully independent with myAlbum.

myAlbum-P Features:
- High imtegration with XOOPS core.
- Duplicatable easily
- 4 methods -ImageMagic,NetPBM,GD2,GD- are usable to create thumnails.
- Support resize and rotate main image by 3 methods -IM,NP,GD2-
- Fully indepedent of register_globals
- Safe config system (not use cache)
- ImageManager Integration (also import & export)
- Simplified AttachmentManager Integration
- Batch register from files on the server
- Records and photos maintenance like redoing thumnails
- Detail permissioning each groups


2004-10-4 v2.84
- modified ImageManagerIntegration can treat non-image files (AttachmentManager)
- added an option which specifies the default listing order
- modified that img tags have not only alt but also title property
- added delete button on admin's admission (thx karuna)
- fixed a bug rendering options for categories (thx Tom_G3X)
- added italian language (thx NickeL)
- updated schinese language (thx phppp)

2004-7-31 v2.83
- added photo columns into each blocks (thx rocket98)
- fixed default templates not to display posting icon to non-priv-users (thx rocket98)
- fixed adding meta headers into submit.php called by IMI (thx phppp)
- fixed myalbum.textsanitizer to separated some codes into langs (thx phppp)
- modified non-image files can be shown in random block (thx okatti)
- updated myblocksadmin into 0.07
- updated schinese language (thx phppp)

2004-7-8 v2.82
- fixed a bug in listing categories (thx cradeg)

2004-7-5 v2.81
- fixed looping check routine (thx boufa)
- fixed treating with ghost categories (thx cradeg & boufa)
- eliminated some codes using buggy xoops_substr() (thx namhil & boufa)
- added mbstring routine for some environment (thx Marijuana)
- fixed some links not ended '/' (thx Marijuana)
- added some global permissions on intall (thx Marijuana)
- updated swedish language (thx Leif Madsen)

2004-6-25 v2.80
- remade the default design using crystal icons. (thx to all of icon authors)
- added class MyAlbumTextSanitizer extends MyTextSanitizer
- added tag [siteimg]
- added tag [summary][/summary] only text inside this tag will be displayed in summary view
- applied with Windows environment (If you want to use Windows Server with ImageMagick, try blank as the path of ImageMagick)
- added a mode ImageManager Integration outputs [siteimg] tags
- updated myblocksadmin & mymenu
- changed names of functions using prefix "myalbum_" (eg. applied the problem of redeclaring convertorderbyin() )
- fixed some SQL injection vulnerablities
- and many other slight bugs are patched

2004-5-25 v2.75b
- fixed import.php from myAlbum-P (thx okatti)

2004-5-22 v2.75a
- fixed a fatal bug which user's posts is cleared when he submit (thx sfdb).
-- 2.73 , 2.74 , 2.75 has this problem.

2004-5-21 v2.75
- fixed uid don't specified in order link (thx bordacs)
- modified icon gifs larger
- eliminate 'PHP_SELF'

2004-5-19 v2.74
- added middle size calculation in photo.php (thx ellecat)
- fixed wrong links in photo.php (thx sfdb, efla)
- fixed a bug in specifying date of last modified
- changed myalbum_slogo.gif using font 04b_03b (thx Herko & Y.Kishino)
- changed logo.gif like mydownloads (thx LARABIE FONTS)

2004-5-17 v2.73
- added batch update into photo manager (thx efla)
- added a drop-down box allowing him a direct access to any categories or/and sub-categories. (thx efla)
- fixed a bug category selection is not stored in preview. (thx Elleomea)
- fixed a bug of catview.php in table view (thx Snoopy)

2004-5-13 v2.72a modification about a compatibility with PHP Accelerator
- the order of templates is changed back to the same as 2.6
- modified category should be selected (thx sfdb)
- modified putting some space between 2 lines of thumbs in the table view (thx efla)
- modified "mymenu" can be also displayed in preferences

2004-5-7 v2.72 some modifications
- modified treating files other than images
- modified redo thumbnails
- modified preview

2004-5-7 v2.71 bug fixed
- fixed the problem which caps extensions treated as not image files

2004-5-5 v2.70 release
- added page navigation into recent list of top page
- added limitation of photos in block displaying
- added category's name ($photo.cat_title) into template myalbum*_photo_in_list.html
- added term for rotation of random image
- added import from imagemanager
- added export to imagemanager
- added a top menu for admin
- remade category's admin (renamed as index.php)
- allowed to upload another type of files (swf,avi etc.)
- For such implementations, I use the icons of filemanager 3.0
- thx to the author Jan Inge Pettersen(Xend)

2004-4-5 v2.70 beta 03
- use myuploader.php instead of class/uploader.php in XOOPS core.
(Security reason)
- added import from another myAlbum-P modules.
- navigation at bottom as well (thx mariuss)
- New language
- Nederlands (thx Jan Deeben)

2004-3-9 v2.70 beta 02
- fixed typo in xoops_version.php and
- fixed typo in templates for duplicated modules
- added links each categories view from submit or edit
- not only text but also photo is previewable (submit)
- myblocksadmin improved a little
- Updated swedish (thx Leif Madsen)

2004-3-4 v2.70 beta from 2.64
- modified as "Duplicatable Module"
- rename .htaccess into .htaccess.dist for some environment.
(If you want more secure, rename it into .htaccess manually)
- Updated spanish (thx ColdBeer)

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Comments list

htomika  Posted on 2005/9/14 18:44
I'm now very happy with the album! :)
I just have one problem with it: if I click on a thumbnail, the large picture shows, but if it's bigger than the desktop, it makes the explorer really huge...I mean you have to scroll a lot, and you can't see the whole picture. And if I click on it, only a 100x100px window shows, which cannot be resized (Firefox...haven't tryed with IE). So is it possible to tell the album to resize the pictures to the explorer's resolution? Or something else as a solution?
Thank you in advance!
ep98  Posted on 2005/8/31 16:17
Ankit Patel, founder of IndianOSS and team member of XOOPS Translations, adds translation for MyAlbum-P 2.84 in Indian (Gujarati) UTF8. Download it from here -
bpbp  Posted on 2005/8/19 19:53 | Last modified
Hello there,
We are using myAlbum on our site for half a year, and we have not found better xoops image module.
Thanks for it!

However there is one functionality that bother us a lot.
Why after rating a picture is opened main album page?
Why not to continue in viewing in Category or The next photo in a Category?

We see a tipcal usecase of album module in a following way:
User(s) post a photoalbum - on our site usualy a series of documentary photos from an "event".
Other user(s) or anonymous are viewing posted stuff and here it comes ! wow this is nice, I would like to give it a rating!
But when they do so they cannot continue in going through. They are send after rating to a main photoalbum page.
This means, several clicks are necessary before they are back again on a picture(s) where they were before rating.

Resulting user behaviour - no rating at all!

I personaly consider this to be a big issue for the whole rating system of myAlbum module.
Or do you know a myAlbum module site where the rating is really used?

The minimal solution to this is for me:
Redirect me(after rating) back to nextphoto(when view a single photos) or category(when viewing a category)

The best rating practice I can imagine is to have in both views(category, singlephoto) a rating combobox - where user can just select and when he goes to a picture or on next page rating is silently counted and added. Something that could be called In Place Rating System.
The extra rating page which is now presented seems to me useless - once viewed and readed there is no need for user to tell him the rating rules again and again...

"advantages of this In Place Rating System":
- fast and convenient rating, which means
- users are interested in rating the pictures, which means
- rating is going to be used, which means
- rating has some importance, which means
- rating is a real feature

- dont see actually any

I would like to do it myself as a hack and posted it here, but my time is now devoted for other projects ... and I find it as a real issue hence anybody (or you GiJoe) interested?

regards Breta, CZ,
htomika  Posted on 2005/7/25 17:06
It must be the time-out, because it works with less numbers of files, but it's strange, that it could register 60-70 pictures at one time two weeks ago, and now it doesn't do it for more than 30. Thanks anyway!
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/7/24 13:12
hi htomika.
I just have one problem: for a time everything just worked fine. But lately it has started not to batch register all of the pictures...even the batch register page goes away and a new blank one comes up with the filenames which have been registered...just eg. 14 out of 50 or other combinations, so it seems like it does not finish the registration.
There are two reasons I can guess.

1) time-out.
Try to register with small numbers at once.

2) a violation of file's name
If there is some files which can't be registered, tell me its file name.
htomika  Posted on 2005/7/21 22:31
Hi! It's a great photo album module, I've tried some others, but found this the best one!
I just have one problem: for a time everything just worked fine. But lately it has started not to batch register all of the pictures...even the batch register page goes away and a new blank one comes up with the filenames which have been registered...just eg. 14 out of 50 or other combinations, so it seems like it does not finish the registration.
Could you help me with some ideas?
Thank you in advance!
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/5/24 19:12
Perhaps, this is an issue of custom templates set.

Re-create templates for myAlbum-P in template manager.
realneed4speed  Posted on 2005/5/21 6:52
well... i had a previous version.. that version worked fine for a long time. but out of no where the "my album" index.php is blank.. like whenever i press that from the category panel... the page that is suppose to have the picture gallerys is blank. I thought updating the module would fix it. but, the page is still blank.... please do help.. thanks
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/4/14 5:58
hi Wardick.

I'm sorry that I don't know koivi editor well.
I'll try later.
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/4/14 5:57
hi zengin

It's easy to update myAlbum-P from 2.7x to 2.8x.

Just overwrite it.
Then do "module update" in module's admin.
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