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Subject myAlbum-P 2.84
Summary This is just an older version.Newer is here: is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.This module was made with a slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".S...

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happy Re: myAlbum-P 2.84 - Picture view

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htomika  Private   Posts: 4
I'm now very happy with the album! :)
I just have one problem with it: if I click on a thumbnail, the large picture shows, but if it's bigger than the desktop, it makes the explorer really huge...I mean you have to scroll a lot, and you can't see the whole picture. And if I click on it, only a 100x100px window shows, which cannot be resized (Firefox...haven't tryed with IE). So is it possible to tell the album to resize the pictures to the explorer's resolution? Or something else as a solution?
Thank you in advance!
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