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Rating - not convenient hence useless?

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Subject myAlbum-P 2.84
Summary This is just an older version.Newer is here: is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.This module was made with a slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".S...

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normal Rating - not convenient hence useless?

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bpbp  Private   Posts: 8
Hello there,
We are using myAlbum on our site for half a year, and we have not found better xoops image module.
Thanks for it!

However there is one functionality that bother us a lot.
Why after rating a picture is opened main album page?
Why not to continue in viewing in Category or The next photo in a Category?

We see a tipcal usecase of album module in a following way:
User(s) post a photoalbum - on our site usualy a series of documentary photos from an "event".
Other user(s) or anonymous are viewing posted stuff and here it comes ! wow this is nice, I would like to give it a rating!
But when they do so they cannot continue in going through. They are send after rating to a main photoalbum page.
This means, several clicks are necessary before they are back again on a picture(s) where they were before rating.

Resulting user behaviour - no rating at all!

I personaly consider this to be a big issue for the whole rating system of myAlbum module.
Or do you know a myAlbum module site where the rating is really used?

The minimal solution to this is for me:
Redirect me(after rating) back to nextphoto(when view a single photos) or category(when viewing a category)

The best rating practice I can imagine is to have in both views(category, singlephoto) a rating combobox - where user can just select and when he goes to a picture or on next page rating is silently counted and added. Something that could be called In Place Rating System.
The extra rating page which is now presented seems to me useless - once viewed and readed there is no need for user to tell him the rating rules again and again...

"advantages of this In Place Rating System":
- fast and convenient rating, which means
- users are interested in rating the pictures, which means
- rating is going to be used, which means
- rating has some importance, which means
- rating is a real feature

- dont see actually any

I would like to do it myself as a hack and posted it here, but my time is now devoted for other projects ... and I find it as a real issue hence anybody (or you GiJoe) interested?

regards Breta, CZ,
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