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Summary This is just an older version.Newer is here: is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.This module was made with a slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".S...

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi htomika.
I just have one problem: for a time everything just worked fine. But lately it has started not to batch register all of the pictures...even the batch register page goes away and a new blank one comes up with the filenames which have been registered...just eg. 14 out of 50 or other combinations, so it seems like it does not finish the registration.
There are two reasons I can guess.

1) time-out.
Try to register with small numbers at once.

2) a violation of file's name
If there is some files which can't be registered, tell me its file name.
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