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pmhoran  Corporal From: Prince Edward Island, Canada , Canada  Posts: 52
edldp .... you can smack me upside the head if you feel like it ... but I have been trying to use the "text" version of your watermark.

As mentioned, I am using XOOPS and MyAlbum 2.86a. And I am using GD format. The Imagemagick installation on my webhosts server must be installed wrong because it will not make thumbnails.

I have changed the color designation of $white so it uses the RGB for pink/fuscia ... and that works fine. I also found where I could increase how many letters in the "copyright text" are displayed.

However, since I DON'T know php at all, I am having difficulty getting the copyright I want to use to show up with HUGE letters. Basically ... I want a center displayed text that would cover about 450 px and letters as big and as bold as I can make them. I have gotten the letters to display a bit bigger ... but thats about it.

The photos in the album are all either 600 px or 450 px wide ... no exceptions.

Any suggestions? Or can you point me to the area I have to play around with to achieve what I need??

In your next release ... it would be nice if the user has the option of the
-size of graphic used
-size of text and color of text
-maybe even font of text used (as well as bold or italic)

Don't get me wrong here ... I think your hack is fantastic. Its the first time I have been able to get any kind of watermark to display on any pic ... and thank you very much for your efforts.

Thanks ... and thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Take care

PS ... as much as I tried yesterday and the day before ... I could not get my own watermark gif or png to show up. Today ... its working fine ... and in the full size that I made it. BINGO.
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