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Foz  Private   Posts: 6
Hi Guys

I figured out what was going on.
I was "importing" the images. By that I mean I used the xoops image manager to create a category and upload my photos. I then used the import feature in the myablum module to import the photos from the image manager. Apparently if you do it that way the watermark doesnt seem to work.

I did however get it to work if I added the photos directly into the myalbum module without using import.

I also noticed that the watermark position has a small bug in it. 'Bottom right' places the watermark on the bottom left and 'Bottom left' places the watermark on the bottom right.

BTW thanks for all the work on this module. I never imagined someone with as little experience as me could actually have these kind of features on my website.

foz :)
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