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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi jagi.

It's too old and meaningless suggestion.
You can find a lot of duplicated threads in this site.

EMLH dare to maintain system language although it is quite easy to swith system language.
You should know xlang is just a derivered version from EMLH.
And I think this is just a corrupted.

The reason why I name it "corrupted" is caching problem.

You can find the problem with xlang just by turning "module cache" or "block cache" on.

The best delivered version from EMLH must be SysUtils from nobunobu.
SysUtils hooks some logics like a magic.

But SysUtils have the same problem like xlang.

CubeUtils for XoopsCube Legacy is the latest solution.
It adds cache_ids per languages into Smarty by preload.
With the module, "cache" and "ML" works file simultaneously.
This is the first module/hacks better than EMLH in XOOPS history.

Of course, CubeUtils works only with XoopsCube Legacy


Translating all this (system and modules) languages by [tags] is not good idea ...
Thus, I planed to make an executable script a new language set with such tags at that time
Now, I know the best solution must be a method like CubeUtils.
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