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Submitted Date:  2009/11/17
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Protector is a module to defend your CMS origined from XOOPS2 from various and malicious attacks.

This module can protect a various kind of attacks like:

- DoS
- Bad Crawlers (like bots collecting e-mails...)
- SQL Injection
- XSS (not all though)
- System globals pollution
- Session hi-jacking
- Null-bytes
- Directory Traversal
- Some kind of CSRF (fatal in XOOPS <=
- Brute Force
- Camouflaged Image File Uploading (== IE Content-Type XSS)
- Executable File Uploading Attack
- XMLRPC's eval() and SQL Injection Attacks
- SPAMs for comment, trackback etc.

Protector defends you CMS from these attacks, and it records into its log.

Of course, all vulnerablities can't be prevented.
Be not overconfident, please.

However, I strongly recommend installing this module to all XOOPS/ImpressCMS/XCL sites with any versions.


First, define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH into mainfile.php if you've never done it yet.

Copy html/modules/protector in the archive into your XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/
Copy xoops_trust_path/modules/protector in the archive into your XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/

Turn permission of XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/protector/configs writable

After Protector is installed, edit your mainfile.php like this:

	include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/' ;
	if (!isset($xoopsOption['nocommon']) && XOOPS_ROOT_PATH != '' ) {
		include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/include/common.php";
	include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/' ;

Just add two red-colored lines.
If the blue-colored part is different from your mainfile.php, don't mind it.

Both pre-check and post-check are needed.

An option "DENY by .htaccess" is added on version 2.34.
If you try this option, set writable XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/.htaccess
Before installing this, you should compare it to the security risks which .htaccess is writable.

= How to rescue =

If you've been banned from Protector, just delete files under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/protector/configs/

The setting and controller of "rescue password" has been eliminated.

= How to install it into XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 =

Almost the same as installing into XOOPS 2.0.x.
There is just a different with the patching point in mainfile.php.
Refer this.

    if (!defined('_LEGACY_PREVENT_LOAD_CORE_') && XOOPS_ROOT_PATH != '') {
        include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/' ;
        @include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/include/cubecore_init.php';
        if (!isset($xoopsOption['nocommon']) && !defined('_LEGACY_PREVENT_EXEC_COMMON_')) {
            include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/include/common.php';
        include XOOPS_TRUST_PATH.'/modules/protector/include/' ;

= How to install it into ImpressCMS =

You need not patch to mainfile.php.
Just copy extras/ImpressCMS/preload/protector.php in the archive into your preload/ of ImpressCMS.

I thank vaughan about releasing the preload.

original usage written by vaughan:
Install the module the same way as any other module.

You do not need to edit mainfile.php when using ImpressCMS, instead locate the ImpressCMS_Extras directory
inside the protector package, and copy the preload directory to your root ImpressCMS directory, so that your
ImpressCMS preload folder contains the file protector.php

your root ImpressCMS directory is the directory on your server where mainfile.php is located.

example: htdocs/preload/protector.php

= UPGRADE from Protector 2.x =

- remove two lines for Protector from your mainfile.php
- remove all files under XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/protector/ via FTP etc.
- upload files in the archive (refer INSTALL)
- do "upgrade" Protector in modulesadmin
- add two lines for Protector into your mainfile.php

Note: "XOOPS_TRUST_PATH" for 3.0 instead of "XOOPS_ROOT_PATH" for 2.x

= Using filter-plugin =

You can try filter-plugins in XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/protector/filters_byconfig/ just by copying them into filters_enabled.
Since XOOPS_TRUST_PATH can be shared by multi-sites, you may want to set a filter enabled for a site but disabled for the other site.
If you want to turn a filter on for a specific site, input the name of the filter into Protector's preferences.
Of course, you can make filter-plugins as you like because it is easy to create.

Here is an introduction for filter-plugins in this archive.

- postcommon_post_deny_by_rbl.php
an anti-SPAM plugin.
All of Post from IP registered in RBL will be rejected.
This plugin can slow the performance of Post, especially chat modules.

- postcommon_post_deny_by_httpbl.php
an anti-SPAM plugin.
All of Post from IP registered in http:BL will be rejected.
Before using it, get HTTPBL_KEY from and set it into the filter file.
define( 'PROTECTOR_HTTPBL_KEY' , '............' ) ;

- postcommon_post_need_multibyte.php
an anti-SPAM plugin.
Post without multi-byte characters will be rejected.
This plugin is only for sites of japanese, tchinese, schinese, and korean.

All post data sent by guests will be purified by HTMLPurifier.
If you allow guests posting HTML, I strongly recommend you to enable it.

This plugin prevents your site from robot's user registering.
Required JavaScript working on the vistors browser.

Specify a message for visitors tried wrong passwords more than the specified times.
All plugins named *_message.php specifys the message for rejected accesses.

When band width limitaion works unfortunately, this plugin logs it into Apache's error_log.
All plugins named *_errorlog.php log some informations into Apaches error_log.

= NEW FEATURE SINCE 3.3: DBLayer trapping anti-SQL-Injection

This feature can beat almost malicious SQL Injection attacks if you uses some modules vulnerable to "SQL Injection".

However, you have to patch a file "class/database/databasefactory.php" to enable the feature.

I prepared patches/ folder, and it contains patched databasefactory.php for each cores.

Of course, I welcome if each core teams adpot the patches as HEAD

The latest version of these cores are ready for this feature:

- XCL2.1.x
- ImpressCMS 1.x

Thank you minahito and marcan!


3.50 beta (2009/11/17)
- modified filters can be turned on/off by preferences of Protector
- moved filters under filters_disabled/ into filters_byconfig/
- added manipulation checker against ftp worms or silent raiders

3.41 (2009/11/17)
- fixed some swf/swc files are confused often
- added language files
-- polish_utf8 (thx jagi)

3.40 (2009/09/16)
- numbered as a STABLE version
- renamed from "Xoops Protector" to "Protector" simply
- modified module icons for some forked cores (thx rene)
- modified postcommon_post_need_multibyte with func_overload (thx orange) 3.40a
- updated language files
-- spanish (thx Colossus) 3.40b

3.36 beta (2009/08/27)
- updated HTMLPurifier into 4.0.0
- added a filter postcommon_post_htmlpurify4everyone.php
- added a filter postcommon_post_register_moratorium.php 3.36a
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan) 3.36a

3.35 beta (2009/08/13)
- fixed english modinfo.php is always loaded. (thx Phoenyx)
- modified comment attacking detection of DBL anti-SQL-Injection again
- defined some constants for detecting Protector's mode for module maintainers
- updated language files
-- arabic (thx Onasre) 3.35a

3.34 beta (2009/07/06)
- modified comment attacking detection of DBL anti-SQL-Injection
- added an option for some environment always enables DBL trapping

3.33 beta (2009/04/03)
- stopped to force rewriting PHP_SELF and PATH_INFO (thx nao-pon)
- added checking PHP_SELF into bigumbrella anti-XSS
- added a constant PROTECTOR_VERSION
- modified compatibities with ImpressCMS (thx vaughan)
- fixed "none" option for F5Attack and Crawler cannot work finen (thx ChaFx)
- turned default value of bugumbrella anti-XSS on

3.32 beta (2009/01/27)
- fixed DBL anti-SQL-Injection is skipped on condition nocommon=1 (thx naao)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan)
-- de_utf8 (ths Rene) 3.32a

3.31 beta (2009/01/20)
- fixed DBL anti-SQL-Injection's wrong detection by db->quiteString() with "
- updated language files
-- spanish (thx Colossus)

3.30 beta (2009/01/14)
- added DBLayer trapping anti-SQL-Injection
- added a filter precommon_bwlimit_errorlog.php
- added a filter precommon_badip_errorlog.php
- updated language files
-- spanish (thx Colossus)
- modified precommon_bwlimit_*.php returns 503 error (thx Colossus) 3.30a

3.22 (2008/12/03)
- modified the condition the cookie 'deleted' is sent as autologin_uname
- added a checker for the privacy of XOOPS_TRUST_PATH into the Advisory
- added language files
-- nederlands (thx Cath)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan) 3.22a
- modified page navigation (thx McDonald) 3.22a

3.21 (2008/11/21)
- added a preferences for bandwidth limitation
- enabled precommon_badip_message.php as default
- modified messages by precommon filter
- updated language files
-- spanish (thx Colossus) 3.21a
- fixed fatal typo in protector.php (thx rohi) 3.21a

3.20 (2008/09/17)
- numbered as a stable version
- updated language files
-- arabic (onasre)
- fixed language files
-- de_utf8
- added language files
-- italian (thx Defcon1) 3.20a
- added a method isMobile() into ProtectorFilterAbstract 3.20b

3.17 beta (2008/04/24)
- modified URLs with the same hostname as XOOPS_URL are not counted as URI SPAM
- updated language files
-- persian (thx stranger and voltan) 3.17a
- added language files
-- de_utf8 (thx wuddel) 3.17a

3.16 beta (2008/01/08)
- added a filter postcommon_post_deny_by_httpbl for antispam by honeypotproject
- updated language files
-- polish (thx kurak_bu)

3.15 beta (2007/10/18)
- added "compact log"
- added "remove all log"
- added language files
-- fr_utf8 (thx gigamaster)

3.14 beta (2007/09/17)
- imported HTMLPurifier (special thx! Edward Z. Yang) PHP5 only
- added filtering point (spamcheck, crawler, f5attack, bruteforce, purge)
- added filter plugins
-- postcommon_post_htmlpurify4guest (guest's post will be purified) only PHP5
-- spamcheck_overrun_message
-- crawler_overrun_message
-- f5attack_overrun_message
-- bruteforce_overrun_message
-- prepurge_exit_message

3.13 beta (2007/08/22)
- modified the filter structure from function to class
- added filtering point (badip, register)
- added filter plugins
-- postcommon_register_insert_js_check (against registering SPAM)
-- precommon_badip_message (displays a message on rejecting the IP)
-- precommon_badip_redirection (redirects somewhere on rejecting the IP)

3.12 beta (2007/08/16)
- fixed for controllers with $xoopsOption['nocommon']=true

3.11 beta (2007/08/16)
- modified ordering precheck and postcheck
- removed a rbl server from postcommon_post_deny_by_rbl.php
- added language files
-- french (thx Christian)

3.10 beta (2007/07/30)
- modified precheck getting config via local cache
- modified precheck does not connect MySQL as possible
- fixed "reliable IP" does not work well
- modified mainfile patch can be inserted before protector installation
- added a logic to check some folder's permission on installing protector
- modified IP denying pattern. 'full', 'foward match', and 'preg match'
- added denied IP moratorium
- added a warning if the directory for configs is not writable

3.04 (2007/06/13)
- added a check against the phpmailer command-injection vulnerability.
- modified postcommon_post_need_multibyte (3.04a)

3.03 (2007/06/03)
- added a protection against installer attack
- changed language name
-- ja_utf8 (formerly japaneseutf) 3.03a

3.02 (2007/04/08)
- modified compatibility of the option "force_intval"
- fixed wrong link in advisory.php (thx genet)
- added a method module can skip DoS/crawler check (define a constant)
- updated D3 system
- added language files
-- persian (thx voltan)
-- russian (thx West) 3.02a
-- arabic (thx onasre) 3.02b
-- japaneseutf 3.02c

3.01 (2007/02/10)
- modified the rule for sorting IPs
- added language files
-- portuguesebr (thx beduino)
-- spanish (thx PepeMty)
-- polish (thx kurak_bu) 3.01a
-- german (thx wuddel) 3.01b
- modified module_icon.php 3.01c
- fixed typo in module_icon.php 3.01d

3.00 (2007/02/06)
- marked as a stable version
- fixed typo in log level
- fixed multibyte plugin never denies registered users (thx mizukami)
- modified compatibility with 2.2.x from 3.00a

3.00beta2 (2007/01/31)
- added plugin system (just postcommon_post_*)
- added filtering-plugins
-- postcommon_post_deny_by_rbl.php (deny SPAM by RBL)
-- postcommon_post_need_multibyte.php (deny SPAM by character type)

3.00beta (2007/01/30)
- moved almost files under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH
- modified denying IP from DB to a file under configs
- removed rescue feature (just remove a file via FTP)
- added allowed IPs for user of group=1
- modified table structures (compatible MySQL5)
- added BigUmbrella anti-XSS system
- added anti-SPAM feature

- Kikuchi (Traditional Chinese language files)
- Marcelo Yuji Himoro (Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish language files)
- HMN (French language files)
- Defkon1 (Italian language files)
- Dirk Louwers (Dutch language files)
- Rene (German language files)
- kokko (Finnish language files)
- Tomasz (Polski language files)
- Sergey (Russian language files)
- Bezoops (Spanish language files)
These contributions was made for v2.x
I'm appreciated new language files for v3.0

Moreover, I thank to JM2 and minahito -zx team- about having taught me kindly.
You are very great programmers!




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Comments list

jagi  Posted on 2010/1/1 21:02
Upgrading xoops ( or any other admin action with checked files ) blocking site access with info "site manipulation checked".
1. how admin can reset this / "... do not edit this field" ;) / ?
2. why not check : is admin logon and auto turn of this protection in session?
GIJOE  Posted on 2009/8/28 17:23
hi voltan.

Thank you for the quick contribution!

I've just updated my repository with your language files.
It will be included in the next release.
voltan  Posted on 2009/8/28 16:50
pcnador  Posted on 2009/1/29 8:29
thanks vaughan everything is alright
vaughan  Posted on 2009/1/29 7:44
if you read the readme file included in the package it states you need to apply a patch to your XOOPS

you can find the patches directory in xoops_trust_path/modules/protector/patches included in the protector package.

= NEW FEATURE SINCE 3.3: DBLayer trapping anti-SQL-Injection

This feature can beat almost malicious SQL Injection attacks if you uses some modules vulnerable to "SQL Injection".

However, you have to patch a file "class/database/databasefactory.php" to enable the feature.

I prepared patches/ folder, and it contains patched databasefactory.php for each cores.

Of course, I welcome if each core teams adpot the patches as HEAD
pcnador  Posted on 2009/1/29 7:29

when I've upgraded to this new version I've found this warning :
databasefactory.php' : Your databasefactory is not ready for DBLayer Trapping anti-SQL-Injection. Some patches are required

what do I need to do to fix this issus especialy my website hacked many times last days
GIJOE  Posted on 2009/1/16 5:22
hi McDonald.


Maybe a stupid remark from me, but when I unzip Protector 3.30 beta I see that the patches for the ../class/databasefactory.php are in XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/protector/patches/.
I assume this folder should not be uploaded as found in the zip file, but the patched file only to ../class/database/. Correct?

copy xoops_trust_path/modules/protector/patches/(core_versions)/databasefactory.php in the archive into your ROOT/class/database/
McDonald  Posted on 2009/1/15 20:23 | Last modified
Hello GIJOE,

Maybe a stupid remark from me, but when I unzip Protector 3.30 beta I see that the patches for the ../class/databasefactory.php are in XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/protector/patches/.
I assume this folder should not be uploaded as found in the zip file, but the patched file only to ../class/database/. Correct?
jagi  Posted on 2008/4/28 3:34
Protector 3.17 beta -> Permissions - work for me only with altsys installed ... can be Deactivate but must be installed.
Without altsys:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getVar() on a non-object in D:\codeArt\xoops_trust_path\libs\altsys\myblocksadmin.php on line 19

Call Stack
# Time Memory Function Location
1 0.0011 73200 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0
2 0.2035 3038952 require( 'D:\codeArt\xoops_trust_path\modules\protector\admin.php' ) ..\index.php:10
3 0.2589 3975912 include( 'D:\codeArt\xoops_trust_path\libs\altsys\myblocksadmin.php' ) ..\admin.php:54
stranger  Posted on 2008/4/26 2:04
stranger wrotes:
Hi GIJOE, I've retranslated Persian language files for protector, there were too many mistakes in it and was not updated since 3.02 ...
You can get the files by clicking here
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