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Subject Protector 3.50 beta
Summary ●要旨Protector は、XOOPS2ベースの各種CMSを様々な悪意ある攻撃から守るためのモジュールです。このモジュールでは、以下の攻撃を防ぎます。- DoS- 悪意あるクローラー(メール収集ボットなど)- SQL Injection- XSS (といっても、全てではありません)- システムグロ...

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vaughan  上等兵   Posts: 37
if you read the readme file included in the package it states you need to apply a patch to your XOOPS

you can find the patches directory in xoops_trust_path/modules/protector/patches included in the protector package.

= NEW FEATURE SINCE 3.3: DBLayer trapping anti-SQL-Injection

This feature can beat almost malicious SQL Injection attacks if you uses some modules vulnerable to "SQL Injection".

However, you have to patch a file "class/database/databasefactory.php" to enable the feature.

I prepared patches/ folder, and it contains patched databasefactory.php for each cores.

Of course, I welcome if each core teams adpot the patches as HEAD
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