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Subject Templates problem in 2.0.14/15 from
Summary In 2.0.14 from, the system of templates are modified.You have to see just a function.- Using tplset other than default ... DB template. (== XOOPS 2.0.13)- Using default tplset ... FILE template. (no longer DB template!)-- Try to read /themes/...

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none Re: Templates problem in 2.0.14/15 from

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi Bandit-x

im just the messenger.
Thus, I'm stacking another message

2.0.14's incompatibility means the resource 'db:' interprets 'file:'.
This is a contradiction for the resource type of Smarty.

But I never deny your "modification" just by logical consistencies.

I just mean merging your modification and the compatibility.

I believe you can aware my patch never denies the 2.0.14's modification but it goes together the new feature in XOOPS >= 2.0.14 and compatibility with XOOPS <=
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