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Subject Templates problem in 2.0.14/15 from
Summary In 2.0.14 from, the system of templates are modified.You have to see just a function.- Using tplset other than default ... DB template. (== XOOPS 2.0.13)- Using default tplset ... FILE template. (no longer DB template!)-- Try to read /themes/...

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borpin  Private   Posts: 1
I think I solved the problem for 2.0.15 for me anyway!. It is difficult to explain. I am calling my folder testwrap so I will use that. The system was looking for a template file templates/testwrap_index.html in the normal /modules/testwrap/ directory instead of the trusted path directory. I copied the file /trusted_path/modules/templates/index.html to a new folder /modules/testwrap/templates/testwrap_index.html and that seemed to do the trick.

I looked at the oninstall and onupdate files and they seem to be the problem, but as I do not understand the templates I can't fix it!
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