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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2003/11/10 16:24
chika3  二等兵   Posts: 6
If your server is Windows,
please check your php.ini (c:\windows\php.ini).

;upload_tmp_dir =

if this is comment-out, upload_tmp_dir is "c:\Windows\Temp".
please check 1 or 2.
1. add access-right , "c:\Windows\Temp".
ex. IUSR_www or everybody
(but, be care your security)

2. make "c:\php\temp"
upload_tmp_dir = "c:\php\temp"
add access-right, "c:\php\temp"
ex. IUSR_www or everybody.

My myAlbum-P is running on Win2000/IIS/PHP4.3.4.
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