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agi  Private   Posts: 3
'Module Check' is below...

Table Check
Photos table: agi_myalbum_photos ok
Number of Photos: 0

Descriptions table: agi_myalbum_text ok
Number of description: 0

Categories table: agi_myalbum_cat ok
Number of Categories: 1

Votedata table: agi_myalbum_votedata ok
Number of votedata: 0

Comments table: agi_myalbum_comments ok
Number of comments: 0

Config Check
Use ImageMagick: no
GD Version: bundled (2.0.15 compatible)

Directory for Photos: C:/page/html/modules/myalbum/photos ok

Directory for Thumbnails: C:/page/html/modules/myalbum/photos/thumbs ok

Photos & Thumbs Link Check
Now, checking .ok

everyting is ok and installing is ok..
so.. can you help me ???
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