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auxiv  Corporal   Posts: 42
Happy New Year!!

I recently switched the core of my site, after reading through your information and a few of your recommendations. Everything was seamless. I then decided it was a good time to update the links as well. I read about the simplifiedurls and decided to give it a go.

I Believe simplifiedurls is a very nice hack. And did in fact work seamlessly with your d3forum.

The only problem I have concerning the d3forum is I havent been able to figure out how to rewrite the pagenav so it will paginate ".htm"

before the htaccess redirect, this is the internal link:

but i realise this is going to be a problem forming the query.
it will then i suspect look like: index.php?index-forum_id-%.htm

My htaccess is working fine and I have written the external redirect properly.

I cant seem to figure out how to rewrite the internal nav pagination dynamic urls.

thank you for your time and response(s).

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