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naao  Private From: Chiba, JAPAN  Posts: 4

I should have advised "Don't refer d3blog but d3pipes" to you.

All you have to do is just adding mod_config items named 'comment_dirname','comment_forum_id' and 'comment_view'.

If the module has such items, the abstract method gets the infomations about comment-integration from them.

It's my pleasure to modify for fitting to the standard.
I've just re-published, but changed only for mod_config items to avoid miss-matching to your next version between your templates and my ones, so language valiables have not changed.

Though I don't maintain piCal and myAlbum-P positively, I'll just add comment-integration in the near future.

Thank you very much!

**adding to avoid template miss-matching
I'm sorry, in my modification module-config valiable "$moduleConfig.comment_dirname" are used but not "$mod_config.comment_dirname".
Do I have to replace to "$mod_config.comment_dirname" ? or would you use "$moduleConfig.comment_dirname" in your future versions of piCal and myalbum-P ?
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