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naao  Private From: Chiba, JAPAN  Posts: 4
Hi, GIJOE-san

This is naao, same person as XUGJ.

As already reported in XUGJ, I started a mini project "D3-comment integration for easy configration" .

It's convenient to use D3-comment integration system with d3forum module. On the other hand, when we use them we also edit each template site be site, that is slightly troublesome.
Here, I tried some modules modified with "module_config" setting by adimistraion console, similar as pico, xpwiki, and d3blog.

*download and installation information
Please visit my private site (naao'n WEB)
--> For easy configration of D3-comment integration

Sorry but in Japanese. Please visit each links in the bottom of the page.

*current situation
Now piCal-0.91h+ and myalbum-0.88+ ara available by difference files for each original version. Each language files are edited with adding in English.

I hope them to be your help to editting and merging work with their next versions !

Your best regards
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