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Submitted Date:  2009/7/10
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RFC2445 Class for PHP and Calendar Module for XOOPS2

(0) Important Notification

piCal >= 0.93 can work under the environment with Protector's BigUmbrella anti-XSS.

If you don't want such a limitation, don't install/update it.

If you dare to use piCal, install Protector module and confirm the
preference "BigUmbrella ant-XSS" is enabled.

(1) What about piCal?

piCal is an independent calendar class of php.

piCal is also a powerful calendar module for Xoops2.
This module can generate iCalendar data dynamically,
and can import via http or from a local file.

And piCal also has a little functions of group-ware.
Of course, this module has enough calendar feature,
eg) 4 type of view -Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Yearly- .

This archive contains English, Japanese,
Germany, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Tchinese, Swedish, Portuguese and
BrasilPortuguese language files.

The initial version of piCal was developped as a module only for
Japanese in 2003-4-23.

I made internationalization in version 0.50 half a year later 0.10

(2) How to Install

Same as another modules for XOOPS2.
No changes to permissions of files or directories are necessary.

Since piCal >= 0.70 is implemented with DUPLICATABLE V2, you can duplicate this module easily.
And you are free to change the dirname of this module.

modules/cal - treated as the base module of piCal
modules/cal0 - treated as No.0 moudle of piCal
modules/c1 - treated as No.1 module of piCal
modules/test0002 - treated as No.2 module of piCal

The numbers of piCal have to be unique.

(3) How to Upgrade

- Overwrite all files in the archive.
- Update module by modules admin in your system's admin.

(- Check piCal's status by module maintenance in piCal's admin.(only after 0.60))

(4) FAQ

Q) The Displayed time is different from the time input time

A) This is caused the wrong setting of Time Zones in your XOOPS.
Check Time Zones of your account, default account, or server.

Q) How can I change externals of mini-calendar ?

A) Since piCal is developped as an independent class, piCal doesn't
use the template system of XOOPS.
If you'd like to externals of mini calendar, use skin feature.

1. copy all of images/default/ to images/(new skin name)/
2. set the name of new skin directory into preferences of piCal
3. edit minical*.tmpl.html

That's all.
In patTemplate, {VARIABLE} is replaced into the value.

(5) Copyrights

The license of piCal conforms to GPL.
see COPYING for detail.

v.093 (2009-07-10)
- changed piCal cannot work without Protector's BigUmbrella Anti-XSS (IMPORTANT!)
- updated a plugin for eguide2 (thx nobu)

v.092 (2009-02-20)
- fixed XSS in index.php (thx JPCERT/CC)
- fixed wrong specifying the template for printing (thx ttts)
- modified a compatibility with 2.3 from (thx Zorro)

v.091 (2007-03-15)
- modified almost plugins
- added plugins
-- d3forum-forum
-- d3forum-topic
-- d3forum-post
-- pico-content-modified
-- pico-content-created
- fixed templates for minical_ex blocks 0.91a
- added language files
-- danish (thx Anders) 0.91b
-- ja_utf8 0.91f
- fixed wrong entity in rss2_coming.php and rss2_today.php 0.91c
- added plugins
-- xpwiki (thx nao-pon) 0.91d
- updated locales
-- canada.php (thx lusher) 0.91e
- added locales
-- utf8_japan.php 0.91g
- updated plugins
-- eguide2 (thx nobu) 0.91h

v.090 (2007-03-12)
- marked as stable
- fixed small typos in templates

v.090 beta (2006-11-04)
- updated mymenu 0.18 for Cube 2.1 compatibility
- removed default value of text field in sql
- added proxy setting for getting iCalendar data
- undeleted some files included in myblocksadmin (thx Foxy) 0.90beta2
- fixed weekly plugin bug (thx hidehide55) 0.90beta3

v.089 compatibility with Cube 2.1beta (2006-10-19)
- modified title %s of some blocks in Cube 2.1 (thx minahito)
- modified minical_ex can be displayed in Cube 2.1 (thx minahito)

v.088 spec changes about specialchars (2006-08-17)
- changed disallow HTML in description
- changed allow specialchars can be input into varchars
- updated gticket2
- updated a plugin
-- eguide 2.0 (thx nobu) 0.88a
- fixed SQL error in event manager (thx akaba) 0.88a

v.087 some fixes (2006-6-9)
- removed timestamp from rss feed for ordering
- fixed comment permission check
- modified plugins
-- plzXoo-question
- added plugins
-- smartsection (thx PinMaster)
-- eguide2 (thx nobu)
- added a locale
-- hongkong (thx danielh2o)
- modified plugins (0.87a)
-- weblog-blogid
-- weblog-date
-- bulletin 2.0 (0.87b)
- fixed compatibity with MySQL 5.x in sql/pical.sql (0.87b)
- fixed a block option of untildays (0.87b)
- fixed events manager in extraction of future or past (0.87c)

v.086 XSS vulnerability fixed (2006-4-28)
- fixed many XSS (thx tohokuaiki)

v.085 some compatibility fixes (2006-2-15)
- fixed wrong areas for the gticket class on changing permissions
- added mytplsadmin
- modified xoops_version.php for XoopsCube 2.1 compatible (change [] to [i])
- updated mymenu (for the compatibility with XoopsCube 2.1)
- addded locales/newzealand.php (thx zANavAShi)
- updated french (thx marco)
- updated tchinese (thx chia)
- added utf8-tw (thx chia)
- fixed a typo about operations of categories (thx dendeke) 0.85a
- added polish (thx kurak_bu) 0.85b
- updated locale/france (thx Phillipe) 0.85b
- added locale/nz (newzealand) (thx Daryl) 0.85c
- added plugin for bulletin module 0.85c
- modified interpretation of until with time (thx minora) 0.85d

v.084b minor bug fixes (2005-12-1)
- updated locales/japan.php (thx hashimoto)
- fixed compatibility trouble with PHP 5.0.5 in the search function (thx hoso)
- fixed bug about making conditions for the list view (thx tohokuaiki)
- fixed bugs about `status` in plugins for mydownloads and mylinks

v.084a compatibility fix for PHP 4.4.x (2005-11-16)
- changed passing in reference to in value (thx okuhiki)
- fixed typo in a code for anti HTTP response splitting (thx okuhiki)

v.084 compatibility fix (2005-11-14)
- updated myblocksadmin 0.41 and mymenu 0.15
- modified the compatibilities with PHP5.0.5
- fixed some possibilities be attacked by HTTP Response Splitting
- removed CRs in some php files

v.083 bug fix & modify plugins-system (2005-9-9)
- modified the interface of Pulguin Manager
- fixed a duplicatated module can't alter the table by the updating module
- fixed some bug around "piCal plugin"
- added cid limitation into "piCal plugin" (set options like 1,2,4)
- added plugins
-- membership-birthday (thx sophistry)
-- hakusen-birthday

v.082 bug fixes (2005-9-1)
- fixed some bugs around PHP_SELF, SCRIPT_NAME etc.
- modified displaying as 12/24hour system in editing view
- updated german (thx Rene)

v.081 security update (2005-8-27)
- fixed PHP_SELF XSS
- added XOOPS 2.2 adaptation (minicalex, titles of blocks etc.)
- updated myblocksadmin into 0.40
- modified the theme compatibility with common's jscalendar
- added robots mode into minicalex for reducing mass crawling
- updated tchinese (thx Kikuchi)

v.080 release (2005-6-29)
- fixed and modified usages of the plugin manager (thx tohokuaiki)
- added plugin's options (for news & myalbum-p-photos)
- added Canadian Holidays locale (thx sdmacint)
- modified plugins
-- weblog (thx tohokuaiki)

v.080RC5 (2005-5-27)
- updated myblocksadmin into 0.29
- fixed RRULE FREQ=YEARLY without BYMONTH (thx Andrey)
- modified the order of categories in editing events
- update russian (thx Andrey)
- added plugins
-- weblinks (thx yshima)
-- yomi (thx yshima)
- fixed typos in some plugins

v.080RC4 (2005-5-24)
- modified the routine for judging http or https
- fixed some typos (thx Andrey)
- modified admin scripts as more internationalized (thx Andrey)
- modified category's hierarchy (thx Andrey)
- fixed a typo in plugins for eguide (thx seiji)
- fixed missing the plugins table in xoops_version.php

v.080RC3 (2005-5-17)
- added plugin system into daily and weekly view.
- added a feature removing just a subevents generated from RRULE. (temporary)
- modified iCalendar output from POST to GET
- modified the button for outputting ics (thx Greg)
- modified as selectable jscalendars (by common/jscalendar exists or not)
- modified HTML in calendar view (thx hodaka)
- added a plugin
-- wordpress 0.5
-- plzXoo 0.1
- updated spanish (thx rlois)
- updated russian (thx Andrey) - v.080RC3a

v.080RC2 (2005-5-6)
- fixed some typos (thx okuhiki, kamei)
- modified style of jscalendar's table width
- added weight to plugins table
- added an option selecting server timezones

v.080RC (2005-5-3)
- changed table structures (Don't forget updating module!)
- added new jscalendar (special thx Mihai Bazon!)
- modified independent from system locale
- added plugin manager
- added an option which 12hour or 24hour
- modified the displaying of overnight time
- modified the link of prev/next month in minical_ex
- fixed the underline of minicalendar
- modified table maintenance
- modified the time calculate routines around "summer time" (day light saving)
- fixed the caching condition of minical_ex
- added a plugin
-- weblog 1.4
- updated swedish (thx efla)
- update german (thx rene)

v.076 (2005-4-22)
- fixed the field type of timezones
- modified the button for jscalendar (thx Greg)
- modified english language files (thx Peter)
- added UK locale (thx Kelvin)
- added Western Australian Public Holidays locale (thx Steve)
- added a plugin for waiting module
- added commentAny optimization
- modified to work with the latest search module
- modified to include the big classes once at most (thx nobu)
- fixed missing sanitize category's name
- fixed rss2_*.php (thx okuhiki)
- added a block "minical_ex"
- added plugin system
-- news
-- myAlbum-P (Duplicatable)
-- eguide (
-- mydownloads
-- mylinks
-- piCal (rename plugins/mohthly/piCal.php if you use it in the other name)

v.075 (2005-02-11)
- added returning context with search module
- modified working with commentAny module
- added a better plugin for sitemap module
- fixed admin/index.php as Duplicatable

v.074a (2005-01-16)
- added a plugin for sitemap

v.074 (2005-01-10)
- fixed sanitizing description in RSS feed
- updated holidays for USA
- updated italian language files (thx cubiq)

v.073 security fixes (2005-01-07)
- added ticket system
- fixed a XSS in admin section (thx okuhiki)
- added feeding RSS2 (rss2_coming.php,rss2_today.php)
- added locales (locale is separated from language)
- added displaying holiday's name
- added a feature of block cloning into *'s schedule blocks
- added an option selecting category into *'s schdule blocks
- added an option until days into *'s schdule blocks
- modified the options of max items as block's options
- updated myblocksadmin 0.22 & mymenu 0.08

v.072 (2004-11-09)
- modified which it force changing "follow" to "nofollow" of xoops_meta_robots

v.071 (2004-10-18)
- fixed a typo in blocks/pical_new_event.php (thx kuropen)

v.070 (2004-10-5)
- implemented DUPLICATABLE V2
- fixed some typos
- divided versions 0.7x (developping) and 0.6x (stable)

v.060pre05 bug fixes (2004-9-30)
- modified to use snoopy instead of url fopen with importing ical
- modified useabilities of categories manager
- changed the place of class definition files
- modified the method of redirection
- fixed a bug of parsing date formats (thx cchiu)
- fixed wrong link with navigation bar (thx AZNative)
- modified adding dots to top of each events in monthly view (thx AZNative)
- fixed wrong extracting rrules in some zones with summertime (special thx to AZNative!)
- modified the values of block's options will be kept when module is updated (thx nobunobu)
- updated into myblocksadmin 0.07
- added Brasil Portuguese files (thx Marcelo Yuji Himoro)

v.060pre04 security fixes (2004-6-22)
- added term extraction in events manager
- changed this day's & after events block's name (use %s as block name)
- updated myblocksadmin & mymenu
- fixed some vulnerablity of "SQL Injection" and "CSRF".
- fixed categories looping bug (thx almhouse)
- fixed wrong "cid" extracting in blocks (thx megu)
- fixed a typo missing category table in xoops_version.php (thx Ryuji)
- fixed a typo in pical_constants.php _PICAL_MB_PREV_DATE,_PICAL_MB_NEXT_DATE (thx moon)
- added Portuguese files (thx Olivier)

v.060pre03 bug fixes (2004-2-9)
- a typo displaying date in detail view fixed (thx Chado)
- Coming Events block's time offset calculation bug fixed (thx Chado)
- a typo fail to get UNTIL fixed (thx jfernau)
- Event has no length fixed eg) 0:00--0:00 (thx ykida)
- improvement with displaying today's events
- IE5 compatibility apply (table has set margin in master CSS)
- added "background-color:white;" into frame CSS as default
- update the Swedish files (thx Leif Madsen)
- update the French files (thx Team Webpolysite)

v.060pre02 (2004-1-17)
- update the German files (thx Berni)
- List View improvement
- Reload setting caldate by GET when caldate is POSTed separately
- Notification about Categories implemented
- typo of template event_list fixed (thx Leif Madsen) (2004-1-18)

v.060pre01 major version pre-release (2004-1-14)
- Categories added
- Permissions between Categories and Groups
- Submenu displaying specified categories
- Event List View
- displays for printing
- records number of comments
- Timezone for events implemented
- structure of events table modified
- table maintenance for admin
- portablity from one to another server has different timezone
- selectable week numbering from each month or whole year
- operation with date of year >= 1970 or >= 2038 added
- events newly posted block added
- some fixes about RRULE
- wrong displaying with day_start and allday fixed
- new language Swedish added (thx Leif Madsen)

v.0512 some fixes (2003-12-29)
- update the German files (thx Berni)
- wrong displaying a button to add an event fixed (thx bellbird)
- typo in iCal_parser fixed (thx Tom_G3X)
- typo in notificational template of Japanese fixed (thx hhankt)
- compatiblity to Outlook improved

v.0511 some fixes (2003-12-27)
- WKST implemented (RFC2445)
- some improvement about Sunday & Monday

v.0510 release (2003-12-26)
- support XOOPS Comments
- support XOOPS Notifications
- templatize *'s events block (Today,ThisDay,Coming,After)
- a feature specifying the separator of days added
- wrong RRULE's extraction fixed (thx leonine)

v.0509 myblocksadmin's bug fix (2003-12-18)
- myblocksadmin is replaced to 0.03
-- (compatibility trouble before XOOPS 2.0.3)

v.0508 some fixes and myblocksadmin added (2003-12-1)
- submitter added
- myblocksadmin added
- and some fixes

v.0507 some fixes & tchinese added (2003-11-14)
- Some typos fixed
- Tchinese added

v.0506 many fixes & two languages added (2003-11-11)
- doubled addslashes() fixed
- date("n/j",...) of *'s event block fixed
- not to use tags for block title
- mb_convert_kana() fixed
- <pre> in *'s event block removed
- bar sample added into monthly calendar block
- number of events need an admission added
- Nederlands & Russian added

v.0505 a fix & two languages added (2003-11-8)
- _MB_PICAL_JUMP illegal use fixed
- French & Spanish added

v.0504 some fixes (2003-11-7)
- require* and include* use absolute path from relative path
- modify (I forgot it remove Japanese)
- monthly calendar block's target typo fixed

v.0503 Windows adaptation (2003-11-7)
- use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead of '/' (Very thx Ryuji !)
- this means Windows Server will be able to load language files.

v.0502 small changes (2003-11-6)
- use strftime() instead of date() (for not English languages)

v.0501 small fixes (2003-11-5)
- new German files (0.50 was broken by my mistake)
- Some fixes

v.050 release (2003-11-4)
- First International version

v.0422 (2003-9-29)
- Last Japanese version

v.040 (2003-7-26)
- RRULE added
- structure of the table changed

v0.30 (2003-6-7)
- structure and name of the table changed
- importing iCalendar added

v0.20 (2003-5-11)
- exporting iCalendar added

v0.10 (2003-4-23)
- The first release of piCal

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GIJOE  Posted on 2009/8/20 3:56

aamjad2001 wrotes:
Can you add rss to piCal calender. xtcallender has rss in it and that a great thing. cant you add it to pical?
piCal has RSS since 2005/01/07
You can find it in CHANGES.
Just access rss2_coming.php etc.

please reply in english
I always answer in English unless the question is written in Japanese.

And I've deleted your extra question.
It looks multi-posting.
aamjad2001  Posted on 2009/8/18 14:41
Can you add rss to piCal calender. xtcallender has rss in it and that a great thing. cant you add it to pical?

please reply in english
GIJOE  Posted on 2009/8/13 12:56




tigrimpa  Posted on 2009/8/5 10:23
matrix001  Posted on 2008/1/18 10:03
> ※ XUGJやひよこむ等のXOOPSユーザ間のサポートサイトが
> ありますのでご利用をオススメします。

hi-debow  Posted on 2008/1/17 18:32



※ XUGJひよこむ等のXOOPSユーザ間のサポートサイトがありますのでご利用をオススメします。

matrix001  Posted on 2008/1/17 17:19


こちらのpiCal 0.91入れてみましたが、デザインの



Powered by XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.2

GIJOE  Posted on 2007/7/12 5:28 | Last modified

pippi wrotes:
I'm interested to insert a link inside the detail of a item of calendar. In particular I'm interested to use the syntax x_siteurl so I can specify a relative url without problem if I move the site to another domain.
You can use BB-Code of [ siteurl ]

your post

It's possible to use html code inside the item's detail?
pippi  Posted on 2007/7/11 6:24
I'm interested to insert a link inside the detail of a item of calendar. In particular I'm interested to use the syntax x_siteurl so I can specify a relative url without problem if I move the site to another domain. Could you suggest me how to implement that? It's possible to use html code inside the item's detail?

OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/3/2 19:13
OneOfTen wrotes:
Shouldn't there be a way of clicking on the dates in the MiniCalenderEx after which the choosen day or the week of that day or the month should be displayed?

Just modify the template of pical_minical_ex.html.

That's what I did. But I thought that it is a feature of piCal because there is an option for that in the admin-menu.

And how can I arrange that the dates for which I inserted events are marked in the MiniCalender?

As the block of MiniCalendar does not use template system, it is not so easy.
Ok, then I will modify the block each time add a date.

Thanks for your great work!
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