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Subject piCal 0.93
Summary RFC2445 Class for PHP and Calendar Module for XOOPS2 "piCal"(0) Important NotificationpiCal >= 0.93 can work under the environment with Protector's BigUmbrella anti-XSS.If you don't want such a l...

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2007/3/2 19:13
OneOfTen  Corporal   Posts: 75
OneOfTen wrotes:
Shouldn't there be a way of clicking on the dates in the MiniCalenderEx after which the choosen day or the week of that day or the month should be displayed?

Just modify the template of pical_minical_ex.html.

That's what I did. But I thought that it is a feature of piCal because there is an option for that in the admin-menu.

And how can I arrange that the dates for which I inserted events are marked in the MiniCalender?

As the block of MiniCalendar does not use template system, it is not so easy.
Ok, then I will modify the block each time add a date.

Thanks for your great work!
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