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Submitted Date:  2007/1/11
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A beta release of myAlbum-P 2.9
Though this is far from a stable version, it will be much better than 2.84.

myAlbum-P is yet another photo album module for XOOPS2.
This module was made with a slogan "Easy to use for even the beginners".

Since myAlbum-P can be used with multi purpose, you can easily install this module multiply.

Especially, ImageManager integration is useful for almost XOOPS users.
This feature makes that almost XOOPS modules can treat auto-resized & auto-thumnails-made images by imagemanager.
Of course, auto-created thumnails are used in selecting images and in the artile body, though the thumnail in the article body has a link to the main bigger images.

In myAlbum-P 2.84, ImageManager Integration can treat non-image files. (Simplified Attachment Manager Integration)
This means that you can attach any type of files (PDF, Excel, Word ... yes!) into almost modules which have XoopsDhtmlTextarea.

"myAlbum-P is not a hacked module."
Although myAlbum-P started from a debugging version of daniel's myAlbum 1.1.3 historically,
codes of the recent version has very little relation to daniel's myAlbum.

Of course, I know myAlbum-P uses images from daniel's myAlbum.
This is the reason why I never eliminate daniel's name and URL from credit or footer.

I maintain myAlbum-P whose table's structures are fully compatible with myAlbum 1.1.3.
But I know that this limitation prevents myAlbum-P from better improvement too.

If I could, I'd like to make another photo album module fully independent with myAlbum.

myAlbum-P Features:
- High imtegration with XOOPS core.
- Duplicatable easily
- 4 methods -ImageMagic,NetPBM,GD2,GD- are usable to create thumnails.
- Support resize and rotate main image by 3 methods -IM,NP,GD2-
- Fully indepedent of register_globals
- Safe config system (not use cache)
- ImageManager Integration (also import & export)
- Simplified AttachmentManager Integration
- Batch register from files on the server
- Records and photos maintenance like redoing thumnails
- Detail permissioning each groups

2007-01-11 v2.88 (2.90 beta2) update the module
- modified the structure of category table
- updated mymenu for Cube 2.1
- removed myblocksadmin and mytplsadmin (install altsys instead)
- fixed a lot of small bugs

2006-05-26 v2.87 (2.90 beta1)
- added mytplsadmin
- updated gticket2
- fixed some reference typos
- fixed typo in copyright (thx hodaka,khmerr)
- modified language files
-- tchinese (thx Sheng-Hung, Huang)
-- french (thx marco)
- added language files
-- portuguesebr (thx Izzy)
- modified compatibility with XOOPS2.2/3 2.87a
- fixed random block template makes invalid html (thx HMN) 2.87a
-- modified tchinese (thx threesecond) 2.87b
-- added utf8_tw (thx threesecond) 2.87b
-- modified template myalbum_categories.html (thx red_Slider) 2.87b
- modified compatiblitiy with Cube 2.1 2.87c

2005-8-31 v2.86 (2.90 alpha)
- added Duplicatable V2.1
- added a native plugin for "sitemap" module
- added a native plugin for "waiting" module
- added a native plugin for "search" module
- added a link to "tellafriend" module (check global permissions)
- added GTicket checks instead of another xoops_refcheck()
- added an option storing timestamps in editing photos.
- added assigning photo's name as xoops_pagetitle
- fixed batch registration did not fetch sizes of images (thx Tom_G3X)
- fixed the permission of imagemanager integration
- assigning $photo.cat_title in each block
- updated myblocksadmin into 0.40
- added polish language (thx kaper)
- modified english language (thx Peter)
- updated french language (thx sebhtml)
- fixed a typo in "tell a friend" function (thx HMN) 2.86a
- fixed compatibility trouble with PHP 5.0.5 in the search function 2.86b
- updated myblocksadmin 0.41 & mymenu 0.15 2.86b
- modified the compatibilities with PHP 5.0.5 2.86b
- updated the status alpha to beta 2.86c
- modified ordering by file names on batch register 2.86c

2005-8-20 v2.85 (pre-alpha version)

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Comments list

mitsuyuki  Posted on 2008/3/2 20:32
I won't add new features into this module, sorry.
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/5/13 4:21
I won't add new features into this module, sorry.
DannyM  Posted on 2007/5/13 2:08

great module! I use it since 2.84 and I just installed 2.88.

I have a request for the next version. I would like to configure permissions per category. On my site I have several groups of users. I would like to have some groups with permissions on eg 'photo category 1' and other groups with permissions on 'photo category 2', but not for 'photo category 1'.

when group AA doesn't have permissions for 'photo category 1', all the photos in that category:
- cannot be found by group AA using the website search function;
- are not listed in blocks for users of group AA. I mean blocks like 'Top photos', 'Recent photos', 'Random photo', etc.

The users of group AA should not see the category 'photo category 1'. Also not in the dropdown list with categories when uploading photos.

Above mentioned functionality would be a great improvement.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Danny M
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/4/6 3:14 | Last modified
moe-com  Posted on 2007/4/5 22:40


GIJOE  Posted on 2007/4/5 4:36
myAlbum-P を今後開発することはないと思います。


moe-com  Posted on 2007/4/4 20:57



slyss79  Posted on 2006/10/28 21:00
hi gijoe

when myalbum will be D3 ?
GIJOE  Posted on 2006/10/24 5:29
mowaffak  Posted on 2006/10/23 23:13

is myalbum-p 2.90alpha have multiple uploads feature ?
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