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Submitted Date:  2008/10/30
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=== xhld ===

This is the most powerful and the latest headline module.

xhld is an almost fully scratched module although it is based on XoopsHeadline in core of XOOPS2.

If you are using xhld multiply and you want to update this module,
all instances of xhld should be updated.


- ATOM 0.3 ready!
- RSS 0.9/1.0/2.0 ready!
- free from allow_url_fopen (secure!)
- recent headlines view
- recent headlines block
- extracting with headline's title
- extracting with headline's link
- fetchable RSS/RDF even via some proxy servers
- Duplicatable V2.1
- dynamic timezone calculation (Although you turn module/block's cache on, any visitors can see the published times with their timezone)

You can clone this module easily. only copy them.
And the rule of directory's name is quite simple.

This module judges its number by tale of directory's name.

modules/xhld0 - treated as No.0 module of xhld
modules/xhld1 - treated as No.1 moudle of xhld
modules/h2 - treated as No.2 module of xhld
modules/test0003 - treated as No.3 module of xhld
modules/xoopsheadline - treated as unnumbered module of xhld

The numbers of xhld have to be unique.
Also, unnumbered module have to be unique.

This module does not work with the module "XoopsHeadline" so well because of a problem of the language constants.
If you want to use headline modules multiply, duplicate xhld.
After install this, you'd better to uninstall and remove "XoopsHeadline".

Or you can install xhld0 as xoopsheadline for compatibility of URI.


v.3.08 2008-10-30
- fixed JVN#20502807 / secunia#32361

v.3.07 2006-10-01
- fixed class Snoopy redeclaration
- modified assigning xoops_pagetitle as each feed (3.07a)
- modified the parser for too detailed format of time (3.07b)

v.3.06 2006-09-30
- fixed proxy_user, proxy_pass can't be passed correctly
- modified error handling for some environment without eucJP-win

v.3.05 2006-08-15
- modified SSL access by snoopy (thx mario)
- modified templates for xhld valid (thx dpicella) 3.05a

v.3.04 2006-05-28
- fixed some reference notices
- changed snoopy including this archive (for 2.0.14-JP)
- changed default internal_encoding from EUC-JP to eucJP-win for Japanese (3.04a)

v.3.03 2006-05-02
- modified compatibility with PHP5
- added a configuration using fopen() for specific environments
- fixed some typo in references
- changed displaying tags in description/content
- modified content same as description
- modified the module icons (thx argon)
- updated mytplsadmin

v.3.02 2006-02-03
- added mytplsadmin
- updated myblocksadmin
- modified templates
- updated language files
-- spanish (thx Jose Moya)
-- portuguesebr (thx Izzy)
-- french (thx marco)

v.3.01 2005-11-14
- updated myblocksadmin 0.41 and mymenu 0.15
- remove CRs in some php files
- modified the compatibilities with PHP 5.0.5
- modified the compatibilities with PHP 5.0.5 appendix (3.01a)

v.3.00 2005-8-9
- added supporting XOOPS 2.1/2.2
- updated myblocksadmin 0.40

v.2.99a 2005-7-21
- added italian language files (thx Gerry)
- modified french adding ISO-8859-15 (need iconv)

v.2.99 2005-6-15
- updated mymenu 0.14 & myblocksadmin 0.30
- fixed a problem of multiple <link> again

v.2.98 2005-6-3
- modified <dc:date> without timezones
- fixed a problem of multiple <link>

v.2.97 2005-5-27
- fixed only description fields should pass nl2br()
- updated myblocksadmin 0.29

v.2.96a 2005-4-23
- fixed a bug in xmlatomparser.php with PHP5 & ATOM (thx scaf)

v.2.96 2005-4-8
- fixed a bug in xmlrss2parser.php

v.2.95 2005-4-5
- modified XOBJ_DTYPE of headline_xml
- modified error handling when fetching or parsing errors occured

v.2.94 2005-3-30
- fixed some troubles when missing block's options
- modified compatibilities with XOOPS <=
- updated French (thx marco) (2.94a)

v.2.93 2005-3-16
- added wap mode (still experimantal stage)
- added a script updating XML-parsed-cache for cron (include/

v.2.92 2005-3-2
- updated myblocksadmin 0.27 & mymenu 0.12
- fixed a bug with magic_quotes_gpc environment (thx Ryuji)
- modified english language files (thx Peter)
- modified trimming XML before passing it to parser (2.92a)

v.2.91 2005-2-21
- fixed a compatibility with PHP5 (thx OXTS5 & Marichan)
- added French (thx marco)
- added PortugueseBr (thx Xbartts)
- added Russian (thx FractalizeR)

v.2.90 2005-2-11
- added exclude patterns
- modified IP check disabled with XoopsGTicket

v.2.84 2005-1-27
- fixed dirname 'xhld' can't work (thx mikity)

v.2.83 2005-1-15
- added a plugin for the sitemap module
- updated myblocksadmin 0.24 & mymenu 0.10

v.2.82 2005-1-8
- updated myblocksadmin 0.23

v.2.81 2005-1-5
- fixed missing ALTER TABLE in updating the module (thx jseymour)

v.2.80 2005-1-4
- modified the each headline block as duplicatable
- added feeds selecting option into the each headline block
- fixed a serious bug of saxparser.php (thx JM2)
- updated myblocksadmin 0.22 & mymenu 0.07

v.2.76 2004-12-21
- added tag handler <content:encoded>

v.2.75 2004-12-20
- modified fetching datetime routine with unknown timezone (thx Tom_G3X)

v.2.74 2004-12-16
- updated myblocksadmin (0.12) & mymenu (0.06)

v.2.73 2004-12-12
- modified allowing a blank string as the short DATE format (thx takahashi)

v.2.72 2004-12-10
- modified ticket system (thx nobunobu)
- updated myblocksadmin (0.11) & mymenu (0.05)

v.2.71 2004-12-7
- fixed ticket system

v.2.70 2004-12-6 (Don't forget updating the module)
- added a judgement whether timed-out or not
- modified that the old data won't be dropped when time-out or XML parse error occurred
- imported core files (saxparser.php&xmltaghandler.php) into this module
- fixed a bad code of saxparser.php for php5 compat (thx Marijuana)
- modified that some ISO-8859-1 characters displays correctly even if _CHARSET is not ISO-8859-1
- changed the setting of timeout from the module's config to each feeds
- added an option 'allow HTML' or not for protecting from XSS (thx JM2)
- added a ticket system for protecting from CSRF
- updated myblocksadmin (0.10) & mymenu (0.04)

v2.63 2004-12-4
- modified feeds admin (thx Tom_G3X)

v2.62 2004-12-3
- added utf8_decode for XOOPS working with ISO-8859-1
- added an option specifying max items per a feed
- updated myblocksadmin (0.08) & mymenu (0.02)

v2.61 2004-12-3
- fixed typo in local headlinerenderer.php (thx Tom_G3X)
- modified feeds admin (thx Tom_G3X)

v2.60 2004-12-2 (Don't forget updating the module)
- modified encoding selection & detection
- modified to be selectable aggregation methods from two
- modified feeds admin
- fixed error trapping

v2.53 2004-11-27
- modified sorting headlines without pubdate
- modified admin can specify the short format of datetime item was published
- modified the long format of datetime is same as _DATESTRING

v2.52 2004-11-25
- fixed a typo in xhld*_block.html (thx yokos)

v2.51 2004-11-21
- fixed double definition of parser class (thx yokos)
- modified template xhld_index.html as displaying the latest 10 descriptions (thx Tom_G3X)
- modified users can specify its syndications explicitly
- fixed some handlers about errors

v2.50 2004-11-18
- added a parser for ATOM 0.3 (special thx ohwada!)
- modified it stores parsed data instead of raw XML (much faster than older)
- modified some fields larger
- remade admin/index.php almost fully
- modified it uses textbox instead of select for feeds (minimum cache is 10min)
- fixed a lot of bugs origined from xoopsheadline

v2.40 2004-11-16
- fixed double defined form name "headline_form" (thx godfield)
- modified not to use a template blocks/headline_block.html
- fixed application to RSS without pubdate field (thx godfield & haroa)
- fixed a bug about updating RSS/RDF feeds in admin

v2.31 2004-11-10
- modified to convert the encoding from iso-8859-1 to utf-8 at updating cache
- added Spanish (thx MonDarSE)

v2.30 2004-10-28
- modified to use $_GET or $_POST instead of $HTTP_*_VARS (for PHP5)
- modified as Dupilcatable V2.1 - it allows unnumbered dirname -
- modified all RSS feed should be ordered by pubdate desc
- fixed insecure codings eg.extracting $_POST
- changed icons of the module

v2.25 2004-10-21
- modified compatibities against xoopsheadline

v2.24 2004-10-21
- fixed a bug in sorting all headlines (thx Ryuji)

v2.23 2004-10-4
- modified block's cache are cleared in editing or updating RSS/RDF records.
- modified XML's cache are cleared in editing or updating RSS/RDF records.
- added an option '10minutes' for XML cache

v2.22 2004-9-26
- added a feature getting RSS/RDF via proxy (thx domifara & Takao_O)
- modified headline_xml field from text to mediumtext (thx domifara)
- fixed the targets of all links to be "_blank". (thx Nu-nrg)

v2.21 2004-8-12
- fixed a typo in admin/index.php origined from xoopsheadline (thx doublebass)
- fixed the name of config's description (thx Tom_G3X)

v2.20 2004-8-12
- added a main view displaying all headlines ordered as newer is upper. (special thx Tom_G3X)
- added an option specifying snoopy's timeout.
- modified templates of xhld*_index.html and xhld*_feed.html. If you use custom templates, update them manually. (thx Tom_G3X)
- modified the values of block's options will be kept when module is updated (thx nobunobu)
- modified the parser of w3c format
- added mymenu

v2.11 2004-8-1
- fixed bug headline entries can't be deleted (thx Nu-nrg)
- modified function getting unixtime from dc:date(W3C) (thx Marijuana)
- added date/time into blocks as default m/d HH:MM
- modified using date_format of smarty. you can change format only editing the template.
- added JavaScript displays headline's time properly whenever the block cache is enabled (thx Dave Lerner)

v2.10 2004-7-20
- added a block ordered by timestamp desc from all headlines
- added a multiple-column option to normal headline block (thx Ryuji)
- added a option strlen limitation against title (thx Marijuana)

v2.01 2004-7-13
- modified to be able to work with "allow_url_fopen off" using snoopy. (thx hokousya & toshimitsu)

v2.00 2004-7-9
- 1st release

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Comments list

Zombie  Posted on 2009/2/23 16:59
I am wonder how can if it is possible to have more than one custom encoding? If it is possbile, how can I do it? All I know is to modify headlinerenderer.php in the language folder, and it can only add one encoding. Thank you for your helping.
aw789  Posted on 2006/11/9 8:15 | Last modified
Would be great to have collapsible items in each feed as seen at:

GIJOE  Posted on 2006/10/27 5:41
Check the feed.
This is just a problem of html entities.

read also
aw789  Posted on 2006/10/27 1:00
great module, thanks.

I would like to be able to store the feed items in a database, like the RSSC module, and even allowing comments would be good. Planet module does both those things but is not clonable and requires xoops 2.2.
everyman  Posted on 2006/10/27 0:52 | Last modified
I *love* this module. My only gripe is regarding the way it presents the text. Such as for example:

# 25 Oct pm06:11 NJ Supreme Court Says Legislature Must Weigh Same-Sex #39Marriage#39 -

My concern is the "#39" that often shows up, or the "?" that replaces the apostrophe:

"John Doe?s care package."

No matter what feed I grab, this always happens. With other news readers, I don't have this problem. However, they are otherwise not as functional nor as cool as yours.

Suggestions? Perhaps there is something I need to do to one of my templates to fix this?
everyman  Posted on 2006/10/26 23:52 | Last modified
Excellent, GIJOE!
jessenco  Posted on 2006/7/21 8:18
This is what I've done for now.
GIJOE  Posted on 2006/7/21 7:05
Perhaps, the site feeds wrong field of <guid>

Just edit the template of xhld*_feed.html
jessenco  Posted on 2006/7/20 9:20
I have installed XHLD 3.04 module and found this issue.

In the xhld0/index.php? page, when I click the More... link on any feeds gets from I receive a 404 page not found. But not on the Title links. Yet this is the only RSS XML feeds provider found that return this error when the More... link is clicked.

Am I the only one to experience this with XHLD 3.04 / Xoop 2.0.14 ?

XHLD 3.03 does the same.
marco  Posted on 2005/8/20 20:44
just a joke
I love you !
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