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akirawatase  Private   Posts: 2
I am Akira.
I°«m going to use d3pipes_block_async.html, but I could°«t find the ways to change the design of it. The contents appeared on the website is the list with bullet points(<ul>), but the HTML source doesn°«t include <ul><li>, but only <div>.
Can you tell me which file should I edit?
( I guess that it°«s °»xoops_trust_path/modules/d3pipes/templates/main_jsbackend.html°…, but the changes didn°«t reflect to the website.)

Thanks a lot,

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2010/10/4 15:02
akirawatase  Private   Posts: 2

I could change the layout by editing template. The template file I mentioned above is correct but I also had to edit same file via ALTSYS.


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