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d3forum-0.83a Persian translation

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Subject d3forum-0.85
Summary ============ D3FORUM ==============XOOPS2用に0から設計し直したフォーラムモジュール。私-GIJOE-が、自信を持ってリリースしています。まだいくつかバグはあるでしょうが、D3モジュール群の中核を成す存在であり、D3モジュールを利用する以上はインストールが推奨され...
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stranger  上等兵   Posts: 22
I recently made an update to the translation of d3forum for Persians.

You can download it from here.

Thank you for the great work!

Sina (aka stranger).
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GIJOE  先任軍曹   Posts: 4110
hi Sina.

Your language files have no problems.
I've copied them into my working directory.

It will be included in the next minor update (d3forum-0.85).

I'm sorry that your language files should be included in 0.84
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none Re: d3forum-0.84

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mosluce  二等兵   Posts: 3
I want to use print friendly page in d3forum.
Anyway could I do?
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