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Subject Templates problem in 2.0.14/15 from
Summary In 2.0.14 from, the system of templates are modified.You have to see just a function.- Using tplset other than default ... DB template. (== XOOPS 2.0.13)- Using default tplset ... FILE template. (no longer DB template!)-- Try to read /themes/...

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Shine  Lance Corporal From: Netherlands  Posts: 35
Today a new realease of xoops which makes it compatible again.

Release of XOOPS RC
We also took the opportunity of this release to update the resource.db.php located under the extras folder of the package. This file is fixing a problem that may occur with modules not having their templates under module/dirname/templates/. Please carefully read extras/readme.txt for all information.

They've listen to you finally GIJoe
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