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Subject Googlebot vs piCal
Summary Recently, the algorithm of Googlebot changed. (This is just a guess of myself)And now, it accesses piCal's links very frequently.As you know, piCal has very many internal links.If Googlebot crawls is going to access all of piCal's links, it will be hig...

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swingstylez  Private   Posts: 1
Hello GIJoe,

Thanks for you development - the calendar was just what I needed for my hobby site and is the main feature :).

The theme I've been using has the line:
<meta name="robots" content="<{$xoops_meta_robots}>" />

..And I'm using the latest piCal index.php which attempts to assign the "nofollow" directive:
$xoopsTpl->assign( "xoops_meta_robots" , $meta_robots ) ;

But for some reason the page is compiled with the Robots rule as set by the main Xoops preferences. For now I'm using "Disallow" but would rather have "nofollow" so more of the calendar gets indexed.

Also, the other reason your calendar is so great is because you post calendar events with their category names as style ids, allowing me to colours code my calendar. Please keep doing it like that :)


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