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tetsuo  Private   Posts: 5

I've downloaded the lates version from your website, installed as described on README file, and got a few questions.

1) I've created some content, and it instantly showed up in Main Menu, know any hack to get rid of it ? I just want to have a separate menu for TCD.

2) Either I've selected NOT to show the "Send to a friend" and "Printer Friendly" icon, I can still see them...

2) TinyContent0 -> Blocks/Groups -> "TinyD 0 Menu" and "TinyD 0 Content"
When I enable the "TinyD 0 Menu" it nicely shows up, but when I enable "TinyD 0 Content" (after selecting some content form dropdown menu) I get a blank page when I access my website (I'm only capable of accessing admin section, rest of site of somehow disabled -btw. I've got content selected to be my first access page). Got any ideas what might be wrong?

Anyways, good job :)

hmm... before I've installed your module I had a standard tinecontent module, maybe my mysql database is somehow incompatibile with your TCD?
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