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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
myAlbum-P is a yet another album module.
This is the last major version as "myAlbum-P".

I hope this doesn't mean that you are stopping developing this module?
No, I never give up developping "photo album module".
The sentence means only "Since the name of myAlbum-P is easy to misunderstand, I'll change module's name and directory".

Hopefully you are only changing the name...and of course getting a good module even better!
What's the future plan for this module?
The table structures of myAlbum has already reached the limit to extend some features.
I'll make new module with new tables far different from myAlbum.
Of course, I'll prepare upgrading path from older myalbums.

But as xcGallery has been very good module now, myAlbum* or new photo album module should be specialized in the usage the niche I think.
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