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3lr0n  Private   Posts: 8
Hi Gijoe... i finally upgrade my site to 2.0.14 and i used the autologin hack files for this version..

all running well untill i notice about some errors on the comments engine, sunno if this may be causes by autologin or what, but those errors are after the installation.

sometimes as an admin i only can edit certain user comments (although im loggin as admin).

sometimes users have admin permissions to see ips and edit or delete comments..

could be cause an autoling bug?

ta in advance

EDIT: Im making tests on the site and had realize that when im logged as an admin and logout in the anonymous side i can see the admin links (i forget to say this happens only in news module 1.44 ). I can edit a piece of news, can delete, can see commnenters ips and can edit and delete..

I have the links to do it.. bu i CANT finally.. but seems to (xoops shows me the edition panel etc...)
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