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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi banesto. (Miguel Indurain?)

But here is a question: how can i clone a system block?
I tried to clone new users block, but no luck, there was an error report: invalid block..

Could you recommend me something?

blocks admin module supports cloning block_type of 'C' or 'D'.
'C' means custom block.
'D' means duplicated block.

Althogh I don't recommend it, you can hack like this:

line 342 of
	// block type check
	$block_type = $block->getVar('block_type') ;
	if( $block_type != 'C' && $block_type != 'M' && $block_type != 'D' ) {
		redirect_header('myblocksadmin.php',4,'Invalid block');

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