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tedsmith  Corporal   Posts: 64
I have just installed Protector having read much of GIJOEs comments about security - thanks for making me aware GIJOE.

I have a couple of questions...

Firstly, it says :

"Turn "Protector block" on and put the block top of left side by blocks admin."

How do I do that? Is it necessary?

Secondly, the ReadMe talks about permissions as follows :

"Turn the block's permission on to all groups by groups admin. You can do that easily by using Blocks&Groups Admin of Protector."

Can I confirm that it means I have to ALLOW access by my user groups to the module? Currently, I have set all of my user groups to have access to 'Protector' but not 'Xoops Protector Module Access rights' or 'Xoops Protector Module Admin rights'. Is this correct?

Thirdly, I have set the rescue password, and then I saw the 'Check if Protector Works Well' in Security Advisory. However, I hover the mouse over it and nothing happens - it just appears to be text. Is this correct or is it a bug or something?

I'd really appreciate help with these three things for clarification. Thanks


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