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Subject The Easiest Multi-Language Hack (EMLH) 1.31
Summary == THE EASIEST MULTILANGUAGE HACK for XOOPS ==SUMMARY:The easiest multilanguage hack I ever seen. All you have to do is just copying a file and inserting a line into mainfile.php.Block's cache and module's cache are valid.Since this is just a...

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malipalo  Private   Posts: 1
Hello everyone,

Excuse my English, I use a translator because I speak French.

First of all I must thank you for this wonderful module, I have long sought a reliable solution to make a multilingual site Xoops.

Site, a base, a domain: it's really better for the changes that two sites one French one English and so on.

I seem to see found a bug, or so I set something wrong, let me explain:

I use your module:
XC Legacy Version: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.2

It works perfectly.

But this morning by making my translations [en ]..[/en], I noticed in the corner of the screen at the top left.

design [/en]

that has nothing to do there.

I translated the subject of a content with
[fr] conception [/fr] [en] design [/en]

page of the site in English with the error:

The same page of the site in French but there is no error:

Is what I am faced with a bug or is it because I use XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.2 instead of Xoops?

I do not understand this error, I searched without finding the PHP code.

If you can help me on this problem please
I would be eternally grateful. For it is the site of one of my clients for whom I make the translation of these pages in English, and I hold on this problem, I can not find the solution.

Laurent Perret / Geneva - Switzerland
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