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question Pico 1.82 - Limit the size of the content

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leco1  Sergeant From: Porto Alegre  Posts: 93
Hi Gijoe

I use the module pico 1.82 in site to publish standards legislation. This module is located in

When the text is too large, i use the [@pagebreak] to facilitate navigation.

The module works fine when the published content IS NOT TOO BIG.

When the text IS TOO LARGE, the text sent does not appear on the site.

To solve this, use two pages to publish the same text, ie, the content is published in two parts.

Below the text links that refer to the same standard:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


How do i configure the module so that pico there is NO LIMITATION to the size of the text that will be published.

Note: i use XCL 217.

Thanks in advance
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