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none d3pipe (v0.68) includes extra code ... ?

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viva  Private   Posts: 1

I have always used your useful module "d3pipe".
Special thanks!

By the way, I downloaded the d3pipe (v0.68) from this site,
and make a setup for bulletin(v2.17 // HD Version),
but it doesn't work.

To say it concretely, there may be included code like this:
=>at line 30 or around
(line29)4 => empty( $params[1] ) ? 10 : intval( $params[1] ) ,
(line30)4 => 0 ,

Please teach me why you should write line30 after line29.
Why should you overlap with the 30th line and the 29th line?
(Actually, it works well even if I erased the line 30...)

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