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It's a good point. However, that filter is only for the anonymous user. Might need an update for registered users, too (and or some other management of users). I'm working on a modification for FCKeditor to allow different FCKeditor capabilities depending upon who they are (i.e., disabling uploads of various files, etc.)

BTW, I couldn't find a HOWTO on all the various filters in Protector, what they do, how to install, use, and configure them. Does that documentation exist?

I'd also like to see you you got rid of the "thanks for your submission/thanks for logging in" pages (something some peeps in charge of sites want to see go away).

Thanks for your excellent work and contributions!

BTW, how come you don't have notifications running on your site? It'd be nice to have instead of having to manually monitor posts/etc. Just asking. Is it a security issue?
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