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question Use myAlbum-P with FLV video

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luckylin  一等兵   Posts: 11
I successfully modify the album to upload FLV video, but since the album is using GD to make a thumbnail, I can only got a blank-white, all-the-same thumbnail for all different video (ONLY in FLV formats). However, my server (paid commercial server) has installed all video tools. Is there a way to make these video tools (especially the "flvtool2") to work with myAlbum-P to create the correct thumbnails? I do not need to use these tools to convert AVI to FLV, since I only upload FLV format. They are pre-made in my PC.

The server was previously installed the osTube 2.5; ( but since they have very restricted rules for free version, I want to use Xoops, it's still my favorite!!

Tools installed (by the provider, paid):


and what I want to do is change myAlbum-P to use flvtool2 to make the thumbnail. Anyone help shade me a light?

Thanks in advanced.
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