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I've always found the AltSys functions to be mandatory installation for any XOOPS site, especially for dealing with the management of templates, blocks, and permissions. Don't leave home without it.

I've set it up on my XOOPS 2.3.x install and generally AltSys runs fine (as always). However, I'm getting one small error related to the adminmenu.php file found in the cache folder (now xoops_data/caches/xoops_cache with 2.3.x). Here's what happens....

AltSys inserts some information into the adminmenu.php file and uses it for its own purposes. However, because XOOPS changed their methodology for the admin menu, XOOPS no longer uses or needs the adminmenu.php file, and when any module is updated, the file is deleted by XOOPS. This causes both Protector 3.22 and especially AltSys to throw up an error for some of their functions.

So, you have to somehow keep from deleting this file when a module is updated. Currently, what I'm doing is just touching the file to create it file and then AltSys does it's thing just fine (inserts its code). I've tried changing permissions on it so it can't be removed or overwritten, but that doesn't seem to work. Note: when using the default Control Panel GUI, a file called xoops_adminmenu_XoopsGuiDefault.php is created in the xoops_cache folder (but not when using ThAdmin). The problem exists except when Control Panel GUI is set to 'legacy'.

Otherwise, AltSys works very well (still wish we could manage bottom blocks, but don't use these too often, so not a major issue for me).

FWIW, I'm using AltSys 0.61a on XOOPS 2.3.2b, currently. I haven't tested the error against the other versions of 2.3.x, but I expect that it's the same issue there as well.
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