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How To Show images' alt Attribute?!

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none How To Show images' alt Attribute?!

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Here is some code for homepage blocktitles to show images instead of texts.But How To Show images' alt Attribute.
(statement for images or explanations for images)

Thank you Very Much!

Take "theme_blockleft.htm" for exampleĦ§


<div class="blockTitle"><{$block.title}></div>
<div class= "blockContent"><{$block.content}></div>

mend itĦ§

<{if $block.title|regex_replace:"/.*\[\[.*/":"Picture True" eq "Picture True"}>
<div class="blockTitle">
<img src="<{$block.title|regex_replace:"/.*\[\[/":""}>" alt="<{$block.title|regex_replace:"/\[\[.*/":""}>">
<div class="blockTitle"><{$block.title}></div>
<div class="blockContent"><{$block.content}></div>
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