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jagi  Private 1st Class From: Poland  Posts: 15
identical problem ... I like xcgal (based on Coppermine Photo Gallery) and can't use EMLH.

I try debug code ...
- switching to default language by easiestml.php:
// protection against some injection
if( ! in_array( $easiestml_lang , $easiestml_langs ) ) {
$easiestml_lang = $easiestml_langs[0] ;
$easiestml_lang in this step looks NULL , but after and before
ob_start( 'easiestml' ) ; - is OK ...

In my opinion this problem with reading cookies (xcgal use cookies, too)

My lines added to test before
protection against some injection:

if (empty($easiestml_lang) || empty($_GET['easiestml_lang']) ){
$easiestml_lang = $_COOKIE['easiestml_lang']; }

- works, but need second reload page ;(

All other modules on this some site works fine (news, liaise, content, smartpartner)
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