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Subject Googlebot vs piCal
Summary Recently, the algorithm of Googlebot changed. (This is just a guess of myself)And now, it accesses piCal's links very frequently.As you know, piCal has very many internal links.If Googlebot crawls is going to access all of piCal's links, it will be hig...
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Unsolved topicRe: Googlebot vs piCal1186271410.002004/11/11 21:39
JasonMR Re: Googlebot vs piCal
2009/2/2 21:49
edwina Re: Re: Googlebot vs piCal
Re: Googlebot vs piCal1140781310.002007/6/6 18:36
swingstylez Re: Googlebot vs piCal
2007/6/7 6:06
GIJOE Re: Googlebot vs piCal
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