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Site News : Google sitemaps and XOOPS sitemap
Poster : GIJOE on 2005-06-12 06:27:57 (11982 reads)

I'm testing a page for google sitemaps into sitemap module for XOOPS.

You can try to install (update) sitemap 1.1 and register XOOPS_URL/modules/sitemap/xml_google.php

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GIJOE  Posted on 2005/6/16 4:42
I agree with bob.
It looks just an appendix information for google.

And I guess that the main purpose of google sitemaps is "EFFICIECY" of crawling.

Perhaps, it is almost non-sense to tell the <url> without <lastmod> or <freq>.

sitemap-1.1 itself supports <lastmod>, if plugins are modified like that.
But there are no plugins publishing <lastmod>
bob  Posted on 2005/6/14 22:17
How could it make things worse?

I believe it can only help google to crawl your site better (or not). So even if it does work for only 25 % of your site (as example) it still would be a litle beter than noting richt?
mariuss  Posted on 2005/6/13 4:37
I was just thinking to suggest this feature

I was just wondering what happens if you don't have sitemap plugins for all your modules. The generated Google Sitemap will not be complete, isn't this making things worse?
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