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XOOPS : XoopsCube Developers Meeting #1
Poster : GIJOE on 2007-10-29 05:43:16 (8246 reads)

in englishin japanese
Yesterday, I took part in XCDM#1.

In the meeting, minahito tried to wash our brain.
"What does the project give us"
"What do we give the project".

Certainly, both XOOPS projects don't look like common OpenSource Projects.
We should think "what is OSS", again.

# Marijuna gave me "XOOPS Cube Legacy Developer's bible"
# I'll read it soon.

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gigamaster  Posted on 2007/10/31 2:16
To a man of science, thesis should not be a problem

And to be a good Open Source Project,
you know, science has a lot of exceptions.
Maybe we are just discovering that XCL
can be an exception on open source as well
as the people who made this a great adventure.

GIJOE  Posted on 2007/10/30 13:30 | Last modified
hi gigamaster.


So, He try !? But was he successful?
The result of group's meeting will be reported as a Gantt chart

How to be a good Open Source Project...

It is an eternal thesis.
gigamaster  Posted on 2007/10/29 8:10
So, He try !? But was he successful?

Because it seems a very difficult task to
change people mind. And if the mind don't
change, how to change the world?

Seriously, I hope you all have fun and that
it was a constructive exchange.

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