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XOOPS : command injection of phpmailer in XOOPS
Poster : GIJOE on 2007-06-13 06:03:31 (18203 reads)

in englishin japanese


Though this is a fatal (sudden-death) vulnerability, it is not the default setting.

If you dare to change the value of mailmethod from "php mail()" to "sendmail", change it to the other values.

I've just released Protector-3.04 with this check.

If you leave such a setting, protector alerts "phpmailer security hole! Change the preferences of mail from "sendmail" to another, or upgrade the core right now!" to you.

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minahito  Posted on 2007/6/13 15:55
The important news! Thank you.
Because I don't have enough time to write news, I submit the link to this URL in Sorry.

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