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XOOPS : D3 Pipes Introduction (2)
Poster : GIJOE on 2007-04-19 06:16:37 (8071 reads)

in englishin japanese
How to convine joints?
It looks difficult, certainly.

However, I can say there are just three convination patterns.

(A) Outer XML fetch/parse pattern
XML fetching -> convert to UTF8 -> XML parsing -> convert to internal encoding -> extraction -> clipping

(B) Inner get pattern
Local getting/assignment -> extraction

(C) Aggregation pattern
Aggregation -> Sorting

First of all, Let's try make a pattern of (A).

Go to "d3pipes admin" -> "Pipes" -> "Create a new pipe"

You can find four joints are already set.

"Fetcing from outside" "snoopy"
"Parsing XML" "keithxml"
"Transfer encoding from UTF-8" "mbstring"
"Clipping into local" "moduledb"

All you have to do is inputting URI of RSS/RDF/ATOM into the top of option (right of soopy).

After that, input Name as you like, and "Save" it.

Then you can see the result at the public side of d3pipes.
If you get some errors, fix the problems by refering the message.

I'll explain (A) pattern with detail.


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