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Category: XOOPS Modules minahito's works     x22       php5
Download Now! Download Now! plzXoo Alternative 1.03alt Popular Version: 1.03alt
Submitted Date:  2008/12/4
in englishin japanese
Alternative version of plzXoo as a "Q&A module with points".

The original was made by minahito THE GREAT :whippy:

Before installing this module, it is necessary to put exFrame just under XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/

get it from here.


- extract the archive
- copy all into your system
- don't forget copy class/smarty/plugins/d3forum_comment.php into your system
- install it
- set categories in admin area
- set permissions in admin area
- that's all!

-=v1.02alt --> v1.03alt=-
* added language files
** ja_utf8
** portuguesebr (thx leco1)

-=v1.01alt --> v1.02alt=-
* fixed typos causes fatal with PHP5.2

-=v1.00alt --> v1.01alt=-
* fixed answer indexing
* fixed displaying search result with context
* fixed mysql.sql for newer MySQL (removed default from text fields)

-=v0.99alt --> v1.00alt=- (update the module)
* modified xoops_pagetitle assigning
* modified d3forum comment integration reference

-=v0.98alt --> v0.99alt=-
* added d3forum comment integration natively

-=v0.97alt --> v0.98alt=-
* added context display for XOOPS search module
* added approval system
* added plugin for waiting module
* added an admin-only notification as "waiting approval"
* fixed a type in user's list view of notifications

-=v0.96alt --> v0.97alt=-
* added a config 'questions per page in list views'
* fixed some minor bugs
* changed answer's comment from varchar(255) to text

-=v0.95alt --> v0.96alt=- (update the module)
* added a type of notify "question modifications"
* added a config questioner will be set notify in posted answers
* added a config answerer will be set notify in modification of the question
* fixed new installation fails
* added weight into category
* fixed fatal error with missing inputs
* fixed the isolation of notifications with removing category or question

-=v0.94alt --> v0.95alt=- (update the module)
* added modified columns into tables of question and answer
* fixed editing in textarea (thx biroron)
* added order into main list view
* added order into blocks as block's option
* fixed missing commitment
* fixed deleting categories

-=v0.93alt --> v0.94alt=- (update the module)
* changed renderer from mojaLE to XoopsTpl
* added answers list block

-=v0.92alt --> v0.93alt=-
* added 3 type of notifications

-=v0.91alt --> v0.92alt=-
* fixed fatal error in guest's detail view (thx biroron)

-=v0.90alt --> v0.91alt=- (update the module)
* fixed mysql.sql
* added initialization of the category
* added table indexes
* modified compatibilities with PHP5
* fixed include_path problem
* modified compatibilities with XOOPS2.2.x
* modified some templates
* removed strftime() entirely

-=v0.20alt --> v0.90(RC)alt=- (update this module essentially!)
* RC release as my alternative version
* hierarchy of categories
* ask to the category
* breadcrumb
* search in bodies of answers also
* extraction
* two extra block options (status & category)
* block duplication
* admin can edit status directly
* modified point display
* etc.

-=v0.10 --> v0.20alt=-
* starting alternative (by GIJOE)
* plzXoo's point -> user's posts
* points setting
* changed timing of assigning points
* added a list block
* mymenu
* myblocksadmin
* mytplsadmin
* modified perm admin
* english language files
* added a perm of answering myself
* etc.

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Category: XOOPS Modules minahito's works          
Download Now! Download Now! Comment Anywhere 0.14 Popular Version: 0.14
Submitted Date:  2007/6/27
in englishin japanese

Comment Anywhere == The series of minahito's great works ==

A module for appending quick-comment-form just after the body of contents.
If you want to change plain textarea to XOOPS dhtml form, use the plug-in for Smarty named "smarty_dhtml_v100"
You can find it in (

First of all, you have to put exFrame >= 0.87 into your modules folder.
It is not necessary to install exFrame. Just put it.
If you already put exFrame there, skip this operation.

Turn "Hooking block" on to the modules you want by block admin.
Anywhere (left or right) , any weight is all right.
Add the permission to all (even guests) by group admin.

You can use "blocks admin module" for your convenience.

You'd better set the weight of "Hooking block" large as possible.

After this, clear complied cache files in templates_c/.
You can find such a feature in admin of this module.

This module is not a versatile.
Some modules can't display quick-comment-form.

I've checked the compatibilities to the modules like:

- news
- myAlbum-P
- TinyD
- mydownloads
- mylinks


1. Turn "Hooking block" off.
2. Clear the compiled cache.
2. Deactivate this module.
3. Uninstall this module.

++ v0.13->v0.14
* fixed a compatibility with core 2.0.16 from

++ v0.12->v0.13
* fixed a bug around com_anonpost

++ v0.11->v0.12
* fixed a bug around approve (thx minahito)

++ v0.10->v0.11 (*) Updating the module is needed
* modified for XOOPS >= 2.0.10 (using XoopsSecurity::createToken())

++ v0.03->v0.10 GIJOE Hacked Version
* modified the place of comment-form
* modified the 'Post Comment' button into hidden
* added the default title as <{$xoops_default_comment_title}> (TinyD etc.)
* modified the compatibility with the module "track back anywhere"
* modified commentany_center.html simple as possible
* added .htaccess and index.html into some directories
* modified documents

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Category: XOOPS Modules minahito's works          
Download Now! Download Now! exFrame 0.88 Popular Version: 0.88
Submitted Date:  2005/3/16
A well-designed framework for minahito's modules.

Before you use minahito's work, put exFrame in modules/


It is not necessary to install this module.
Just put there.

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