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Submitted Date:  2008/2/25
in englishin japanese
==== DB theme ===

You can specify DB template as the theme.
This module depends on altsys.


- You can edit the theme/css via altsys (you can see diff)
- CSS of the theme will be templatized automatically
- You can specify different themes by blocks (Of course, the block is duplicatable)
- You can turn "Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory" off when editing DB theme


(If you didnot...)
- Install altsys >= 0.5

- Install dbtheme as usual D3 module
- Set weight=0 in modulesadmin
- If you use XoopsCube Legacy 2.1, edit/append site_custom.ini.php like this.
- Turn visible of "Theme hook" block on
- Allow to access module/block in "Permissions"
- Specify the DB template in the block's option




This module has DB templates from current theme set.
If you change the theme set as base, input the name of theme in this module's preferences and update the module from modulesadmin.
Then, the templates are updated from specified theme set.

If you want to use multiple theme set at once, install another DBTHEME modules.

Since DBTHEME module is designed as D3 module, you can intall the module as much as you like.


0.50 2008-02-25
- changed spec using render system Legacy_DbthemeRenderSystem by preload

0.34 2007-05-23
- fixed the dependency of dirname "dbtheme" in oninstall and onupdate

0.33 2007-05-12
- changed the structure "altsys essential"
- added language constants override system (with altsys>=0.5)
- templatized mymenu (with altsys>=0.5)
- added language files
-- japaneseutf

0.32 2007-04-19
- added an assignment xoops_dbthemecssurl for special themes for dbtheme
- added language files
-- persian (thx stranger)

0.31 2007-04-09
- fixed xoops_imageurl in CSS (thx mizukami)
- modified preg_replace pattern on updating the module (thx mizukami)
- fixed typo in oninstall (thx hodaka) 0.31a

0.30 2007-04-07
- modified smarty no longer necessary
- modified xoops_theme, xoops_imageurl, xoops_themecss
- added a configration "base theme"

0.20 2007-04-05
- added preg_replace theme/css in oninstall/onupdate
- added importing templates from (dbtheme dirname)/templates/*
- applied for XC Legacy 2.1

0.10 2007-04-04
- 1st release

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Comments list

GIJOE  Posted on 2008/8/31 4:02
hi Sina, again.

Your language files looks perfect again.
I've just updated them and released 0.50c.

Thank you!
stranger  Posted on 2008/7/27 21:58
I recently made an update to the translation of dbtheme for Persians.

You can download it from here.

Thank you for the great work!

Sina (aka stranger).
MrTheme  Posted on 2008/2/28 3:34
Finally! Fantastic module, and long needed. Thank you so much.
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/4/18 3:27
hi stranger.

Thank you for the language file.
I've added it my repository.

It will be included in the next archive.

See you!
stranger  Posted on 2007/4/12 3:05
well well well
the Persian translation of this module has been finished.
thank you for you great modules!!
here is the link:
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