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Submitted Date:  2009/9/27
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==== pico - the module for static contents ===

pico is a module for static contents based on Duplicatable V3 (D3).

Don't forget updating this module after overwritting older version.
And you have to "sync" once on upgrading from 1.5x/1.6x

Though functionally pico looks a successor to TinyD, pico is made as full-scratched module.

TinyD became a deprecated module because pico has been marked as stable.
Of course, you can upgrade your contents from TinyD to pico easily.


- hierarchical category
- breadcrumbs
- page navigation
- XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/wraps/(dirname) files manual page-wrapping
- XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/wraps/(dirname) files automatic page-wrapping/transfer
- static URI (same as wraps)
- overridable options at each categories
- body filter system (smarty, wiki, php etc.)
- better preview
- contents cache
- tell a friend link (tellafriend module supported natively)
- printer friendly view
- singlecontent view
- html header customize per module/categories
- html header customize per contents
- search (with context)
- counts views
- list block (duplicatable)
- menu block (duplicatable)
- contents block (duplicatable)
- contents controller for admin
- dynamic submenu
- native d3forum comment-integration
- Wysiwyg Editor (common/fckeditor only)
- import from TinyD per a module
- import from pico per a module
- import from pico per a content
- plugin for sitemap module
- vote
- automated menu page
- approval system for creating contents
- approval system for modifying contents
- event notification for waiting approval
- plugin for waiting module
- RSS (both entire module and each categories)
- auto-registering wrapped files into DB
- xoops_breadcrumbs
- static URI by mod_rewrite (both wraps mode and normal mode)
- refer histories of contents
- language constants override system
- Xmobile plugin
- any number of extra fields or images as you like
- tag
- hierarchical permission system (succeeding or independent as you like)
- waiting/expiring contents


(0) Install altsys(>=0.61) before using pico.

(1) copy html/modules/pico into your modules/

(2) name the directory name as you like.

(3) copy two files under html/class/smarty/plugins/ in the archive into your class/smarty/plugins/

(4) make a new folder out of DocumentRoot eg) /home/yourhome/xoops_trust_path/

(5) insert a line into just after defining XOOPS_URL in mainfile.php. (Edit '/ho


(6) make a directory 'modules' under the directory. (XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/)

(Since the steps of (4)(5)(6) are the same as altsys or D3 modules, you need not to do the steps if you've already done it.)

(7) copy xoops_trust_path/modules/pico into XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/

(8) install it in XOOPS modulesadmin

(9) set group permissions of the TOP category in admin area

You did it.
you can add categories or contents as you like.

And you'd better install d3forum also.
(pico supports comment system integrated with d3forum only)


You have to turn "module cache" off about this module.
pico is fast enough if you use content's cache.


1.82 (2009/08/20)
- fixed preload.php considering directories begin with a number (thx 9darts)
- changed list view for histories from poster/created to modifier/modified
- fixed Notices in contents admin (thx fooo)
- fixed no history is stored when it is deleted in contents admin
- modified two histories will be stored at deleting a content
- removed xmobile support 1.82a
- fixed category jumpbox in contentmanager (thx kerokero) 1.82b
- fixed encoding detection for form with WizMobile 1.82c
- fixed some SQL Errors with MySQL 5.1 strict (thx moegiiro) 1.82d

1.81 (2009/05/09)
- modified ret can be specified by relative link
- fixed missing the top content redirection (thx dekki) 1.81a
- added virtual method canUploadImages() into ExtraFields class (thx naao) 1.81b

1.80 (2009/03/02)
- marked as a stable version
- fixed missing notification_select in main_viewcontent.html (thx nor)
- fixed wrong permissions are applied for histories (thx jidaikobo) 1.80a
- fixed html headers are not assigned for singlecontent (thx dekki) 1.80b

1.79 (2009/02/16)
- modified templates to support RTL (not left/right but _ALIGN_START/END)
- modified body filtering to rescure it from fatal smarty compiling errors
- modified the content form to notify "HTML headers for each contents" status

1.78 (2009/02/09)
- fixed vpath in subcategories block (thx MAMEMARU)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan)

1.77 (2009/01/23)
- fixed datetime of histories is displayed as created time in content form
- fixed array for extra_fields broken with magic_quotes_gpc=on (thx jidaikobo)
- fixed IE7 cannot download CSVs via SSL (thx jidaikobo)
- fixed any categories with no contents display thier lists (thx nobu175)
- added [ pagebreak ] tag into xcode
- added a parameter replyto_field_name for formmail plugins

1.76 (2009/01/18)
- modified comment integration using d3comment instead of d3forum_comment

1.75 (2008/12/03)
- modified "auto registrar class" can be overridden per category
- added auto-remover by "auto registrar class"
- added auto-updater by "auto registrar class"
- modified flags for auto-registering can be overriden per category
- fixed some fields for the contents stored into wrong fields of the histries
- fixed the preview for makecontent with wraps (thx mathmay)
- modified simple html-wapping controller can assign tellafriend
- fixed html-wrapping controller can work without wraps mode
- fixed a typo in admin_tags.html (thx salamander) 1.75a
- modified auto-updater from wrapped file without title tag 1.75a
- fixed formmail feature cannot get <legend> correctly (thx jidaikobo) 1.75a
- fixed poster_uid and modifier_uid cannot be changed into 0 1.75b
- confirmed to work with ImpressCMS and slight modifications 1.75b
- added language files
-- portuguesebr (thx leco) 1.75b

1.74 (2008/11/19)
- added tags manager
- modified extras manager
- added options for tags blocks
- changed string formats to serialize extra data (do sync once)
- changed string formats to serialize extra fields (do sync once)
- changed string formats to serialize redundant data
- fixed undefined function pico_common_unserialize() (thx jidaikobo) 1.74a
- fixed extra_fields sample is enabled in the template 1.74b

1.73 (2008/10/01)
- modified URI mapper class can be overridden (update the module)
- modified the subject is rendered with entity enabled
- fixed 'cancel' is appended into the formmail feature
- fixed xmobile plugin (thx shige-p) 1.73a
- fixed Smarty filter missing $xoops_imageurl etc. on XCL (thx gusagi) 1.73b
- fixed the flag for "Use tellafriend" is reversed (thx shige-p) 1.73b
- fixed a typo (vpath on/off) in main_content_form.html (thx mkbl) 1.73c
- added offset feature (offset,limit) into list blocks 1.73d

1.72 (2008-09-17)
- fixed formmail feature cannot work with mobile renderers
- added a flag for process_body into content block (thx jidaikobo) 1.72a
- fixed the condition for hyp_common's mobile (thx nao-pon) 1.72b

1.71 (2008-09-10)
- fixed htmlheaders for each contents are not rendered (thx neko88)
- fixed compatibility of the listing block (thx neko88)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan and stranger)
- fixed formmail cannot work (thx ditamine) 1.71a
- fixed category info is not assigned for content page (thx ditamine) 1.71a

1.70 (2008-09-07)
- changed altsys-0.61 essential
- restructed almost codes
- added a feature of extra fields
- added configurations about images for extra fields
- modified d3forum.textsanitizer XCL2.1 preload friendly
- modified xoops_version for XCL2.1 friendly
- added a feature changing poster_uid/modifier_uid
- added a feature of TAG
- added a block for tags
- added a configuration HTML header can be edited
- modified timing for caching
- added a field for searching
- finished supporting common/spaw
- fixed a problem of body leaking at searching (thx toshi)
- added a controller clearing body caches
- added succeedable category permissioning system

1.62 (2008/08/27)
- fixed templates wrong link on use_rewrite (thx taked2)
- fixed missing some escapes in RSS (thx tom_moppet)

1.61 (2008/06/12)
- fixed a typo in main_content_form (thx jidaikobo)
- fixed typos in language files (thx jidaikobo)
- updated gticket2
- fixed search.php can hit invisible or waiting contents (thx sacchan)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan) 1.61a

1.60 (2007/12/19)
- marked as a stable version
- added a parameter "from_field_name" into PicoFormProcessBySmartyBase 1.60a
- added a parameter "fromname_field_name" into PicoFormProcessBySmartyBase 1.60a
- added "cancel" into PicoFormProcessBySmartyBase 1.60a

1.57 (2007/11/20)
- modified field cat_redundants from text to mediumtext
- added pico_subcattree for getting redundants from a specified cat_id
- added contents_count,subcategories_count,subcattree_raw into cat_redundants
- modified contents_* don't count invisible content
- fixed contentmanager can be hanged up by Smarty error like wrong plugin etc.
- added pico_list 1.57a
- added pico_category_search 1.57a
- added XC-delegate ModuleClass.Pico.Contentman.InsertSuccess 1.57a

1.56 (2007/10/23)
- modified the viewed counter checks IP is different from modifier's IP
- changed the policy checking referer disabled
- fixed "save as" does not work (thx PhotoSiteLinks)

1.55 (2007/10/03)
- modified contentmanager that moderators can change poster,modifier
- modified admin/extras (CSV etc.)
- modified survey plugin can send mail if necessary
- modified parsing types of "int" and "double"
- fixed typo in PicoTextSanitizer (thx enhiro)
- added a feature of custom validator for formprocessing system
- modified behaviors on changing modifier (thx starck) 1.55a

1.54 (2007/09/22) update the module
- modified all contents will be hit by search even off-cache contents
- modified the default value for content cache off
- added extras feature for DB storing plugins
- added contents locking
- modified class PicoFormProcessBySmartyBase radically
- added confirming mail for smarty_plugins like formmail
- added parameters for smarty_plugins like formmail
- added smarty_plugin
-- formmail4fleamarket
-- survey
- fixed wrong caching (thx Sow) 1.54a
- added language files 1.54a
-- fr_utf8 (thx gigamaster)

1.53 (2007/09/18) update the module
- added a config for auto HTML cleaner by HTMLPurifier (PHP5 & Protector>=3.14)
- added a switch to wysiwyg editor
- modified formmail can specify "to" addresses
- added language files
-- portuguese (thx Mikhail)
-- pt_utf8 (thx Mikhail)

1.52 (2007/09/13) update the module
- modified class FormProcess getting labels of checkbox/radio from <legend>
- modified class FormProcess can treat <select multiple>
- modified class FormProcess can treat hidden <input>
- modified waiting contents can be edited by poster him/herself.
- added a block displaying waiting requests from the user

1.51 (2007/09/08)
- modified "formmail" Smarty plugin radically
- modified the class FormProcessByHtml can parse radio/checkbox
- modified that the validation rule uses class (thx genet!)
- modified modified time will be synchronized the wrapped file
- fixed timezone problem in created/modified contents (thx mirror)

1.50 (2007/09/04)
- added HTML validated formmail
- fixed missing sync after content updated (thx rockle)
- added permission checker for hodajuku distribution
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan)
- modified session for form process will be cleared on managing content 1.50a

1.40 (2007/08/08)
- added a class for xmobile's plugin
- numbered as stable version
- fixed a class for xmoble plugin (thx yue) 1.40a
- modified search function for xmobile (thx SATT) 1.40b

1.39 beta (2007/08/06)
- fixed parsing dynamic contents can be occurred on listing contents
- fixed a violation of entities in RSS

1.38 beta (2007/07/04)
- modified htmlheader can use <{$mod_url}>,<{$xoops_url}> etc.
- modified to return to previous page after update/create a content

1.37 beta (2007/07/01)
- fixed preg pattern for the content block (thx sakurai)
- fixed TextWiki cannot work in block
- modified category's description can use HTML
- modified permission function for xmobile plugin
- fixed a typo in ja_utf8 (dqnchan)

1.36 beta (2007/06/14)
- modified controller about created/modified (thx moegiiro)
- modified future timestamped content is not displayed yet
- added an event "new content"
- modified notifications around escaping HTML
- modified compatibility of BBCode filter
- added import feature from SmartSection
- added a block "subcategories"
- changed thelanguage file name
-- ja_utf8 (formerly japaneseutf)

1.35 beta (2007/05/29)
- modified interfaces managing contents/categories
- added drop-down controller for vpath
- modified wrapping speed
- fixed small typo in submenu (thx taku777)
- modified deals of poster/modifier (thx starck) 1.35a

1.34 beta (2007/05/17)
- added D3Comment callback
- added language files
-- schinese (thx chnwalkman)

1.33 beta (2007/05/15)
- fixed a typo in vote
- fixed a typo in tellafriend

1.32 beta (2007/05/14)
- templatized block editing area
- added an option to display body also into list block
- modified content block can select a content from listdown box.
- modified links in content block from relative to absolute on wraps mode
- fixed links in content block above (thx makimaki) 1.32a
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan)

1.31 alpha (2007/05/07)
- changed the structure "altsys essential"
- added language constants override system (with altsys>=0.5)
- templatized mymenu (with altsys>=0.5)
- modified many templates
- modified php removing duplicated codes
- modified SQLs common as possible
- added language files
-- japaneseutf
-- italian (thx evoc)
- modified the interface for mylangadmin 1.31a

1.30 alpha (2007/04/21)
- modified addslashes() into mysql_real_escape_string()
- addded some redundants informations
- changed the top category editable (like normal category)
- modified pagewrap returns just between <body> and </body>
- added pico's special Smarty plugin system
- added pico's Smarty plugins
-- pico contents <{pico}>
-- d3pipes entries <{d3pipes}>

1.20 (2007/04/18)
- numbered as stable version

1.18 beta (2007/03/29)
- fixed bugs for invisible content
- modified only moderators can enable HTML headers
- modified moderators can change created/modified time
- modified blocks for xugj_block plugin
- fixed modified time is updated unexpectedly 1.18a (thx starck)

1.17 beta (2007/03/23)
- fixed category's permissions is not affected in search
- added a configuration using concept of "poster" in search
- updated mymenu
- changed some text field into mediumtext 1.17a
- minor fixes 1.17a

1.16 beta (2007/03/20)
- added history diff
- modified viewer of histories
- fixed the checker for duplicated vpaths 1.16a
- separated two features viewer and downloader of histories 1.16a

1.15 beta (2007/03/16)
- fixed a typo in header('Expires'...) (thx rock)
- fixed css template does not work (thx mizukami) 1.15a
- fixed calculation of time offsets of RSS (thx Yoshii) 1.15b

1.14 beta (2007/03/13)
- modified CSS of this module's template into a template
- added two configs about the feature of history
- modified module_icon.php cacheable for web browser
- modified images etc. transferred by php in wraps cacheable for web browser
- added referring feature to deleted contents (in contents manager for admin)
- fixed a typo in contents controller for admin 1.14a (thx t_yamo)

1.13 beta (2007/03/10) update the module
- added history
- added a config for sitemap plugin (also display contents or not)
- added a config for submenu (also display contents or not)

1.12 beta (2007/03/09) overwrite public side also
- modified html/css radically (thx emomo)
- modified sitemap plugin
- added mod_rewrite mode for categories
- fixed notice in submenus (thx starck)

1.11 beta (2007/03/07)
- added mod_rewrite mode

1.10 beta (2007/03/06)
- added hierarchical submenu
- added a config of prohibited filters
- added a config of forced filters

0.99RC4->1.00 (2007/03/05)
- fixed xoops_breadcrumbs (thx starck)
- fixed form template to edit content

- added xoops_breadcrumbs
- added singlecontent
- fixed preview with wraps mode (thx toplan)
- fixed checking of permission of making subcategories (thx t_yamo)
- fixed a plugin for sitemap module (thx starck)

- fixed some minor bugs
- added language files
-- persian (thx voltan)
-- spanish (thx PepeMty) 0.98a
-- french (thx gigamaster) 0.98b

- modified the filter of xoopstpl radically
- fixed RSS encoding conversion
- fixed wrapping encoding conversion
- fixed mymenu's wrong link (thx umasan)

- upgraded the version as RC
- modified treating directory in wraps mode
- added sync tables
- fixed filter xoopstpl
- checked compatibility with XOOPS Cube 2.1 Legacy
- fixed some bugs (thx starck)
- fixed a looping bug (thx photositelinks&starck) 0.96a

0.90->0.95beta (update the module essentially)
- added RSS
- added auto-registering wrapped files into DB

0.40->0.90beta (update the module essentially)
- upgraded the version as BETA
- added static URI (same as wraps)
- added auto-page-wrap
- added manual-page-wrap
- fixed top page with wraps mode (thx Kaz) 0.90a

- added concept of waiting
- added a plugin for waiting
- added a notification for waiting

0.31->0.32 (update the module essentially)
- fixed the problem 30 character limits in config table (thx starck)
- modified index menu (thx emomo) 0.32a

- modified compatibility with MySQL5 (thx sakichi)

0.22->0.30 (update the module essentially)
- added vote
- added index menu
- added sitemap plugin
- added export to the other pico per contents
- fixed top contents cannot be accessed (thx starck and emomo) 0.30a

- fixed menu block (thx kuon)
- added list block
- fixed importing from TinyD
- modified invisible contents
- fixed templates for list block (thx choromo) 0.22a

- fixed page navigation (thx PhotoSiteLinks)

0.10->0.20 (update the module essentially)
- rebuilt permission system
- added a permission of "full read"
- added submenu for "main menu"
- added WYSIWYG Editors (common/spaw and common/fckeditor)
- added a feature of importing from TinyD
- added a feature of importing from the other pico
- modified top category's permission (0.20a)

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Comments list

gigamaster  Posted on 2009/5/30 1:17 | Last modified
Testing new features of Pico ^^'
Found some issues to output extra fields in templates,
and get submitted data on admin 'extra'.
Is there something to do?

GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/19 4:54 | Last modified
hi Wardick.
The problem is caused by just my typo
Wardick  Posted on 2007/3/16 16:26
This problem has been corrected with the release of pico 1.15 beta
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/16 5:27 | Last modified
There are some reports same as you.
I'm finding the cause, now.
Just a moment.
Wardick  Posted on 2007/3/15 6:13
Removing this line does not help.


Replacing the whole file with pico 1.13 module_icon.php does work.
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/15 4:40

Wardick wrotes:
The other module icons like Protector or wraps are displayed well?
Yes these module icons work.
It sounds interesting.

try to remove a line from your xoops_trust_path/modules/pico/module_icon.php

$icon_cache_limit = 3600 ; // default 3600sec == 1hour

header("Expires: ".date('r',intval(time()/$icon_cache_limit)*$icon_cache_limit)+$icon_cache_limit);
header("Cache-Control: public, max-age=$icon_cache_limit");
header("Last-Modified: ".date('r',intval(time()/$icon_cache_limit)*$icon_cache_limit));
header("Content-type: image/png");

Wardick  Posted on 2007/3/14 5:06 | Last modified
The other module icons like Protector or wraps are displayed well?

Yes these module icons work.

This only occured after the update to pico 1.14

- your server is free. (forced to display ads)

No this is not the case the server in not free. The only module icons that are broken are pico.

- http headers already sent

I am not getting any error messages.

This is clearly a problem with this version of pico.
- modified module_icon.php cacheable for web browser
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/14 3:04
The other module icons like Protector or wraps are displayed well?

- your server is free. (forced to display ads)
- http headers already sent
Wardick  Posted on 2007/3/13 14:34 | Last modified
1.14 beta (2007/03/13)
- modified module_icon.php cacheable for web browser

The module_icon is broken in xoops 2.0.16
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