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Submitted Date:  2006/4/6
- AVAMAN - as an avatar&smilies manager


A little module for managing System Avatars and Smilies.


Just install it.
You can upload avatars/smilies via an archive of tar.gz or zip.

If you are a smilies creator and want to distribute it, name the file like this.


(code) should be urlencoded. (eg '*'=>'%2A', '<'=>%3C, '|'=>%7C)
If you make a smile gif for :anotherpint:, name it like this:

It will be imported as a smile with its code :anotherpint:

Then archive all smile images as a zip file, and distribute it.
It makes many xoopsers happy!


2006-04-06 0.21 added select/deselect all
2006-04-05 0.20 added smilies manager
2006-04-05 0.11 modified language constants
added a column of users
fixed a bug used avatar can be deleted
added submenu for 2.2.x (thx McDonald)
2006-04-04 0.10 the 1st implementation

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Comments list

GIJOE  Posted on 2007/2/13 4:13
via email, please.

Anyway, avaman will be included into altsys.
Muki  Posted on 2007/2/13 2:47
I provided the German language file for Avatar Manager, where I can send these?
GIJOE  Posted on 2006/9/30 5:46 | Last modified
yken_1  Posted on 2006/9/28 18:14

Windows 2000
php 4.4.0

tedsmith  Posted on 2006/4/11 7:14
What a great little module! I like it! Installed on without any problems. I wish I could write a module like that in 3 hours!
kurak_bu  Posted on 2006/4/6 15:31
but i like when all modules icons in my admin panel are the same, its very nice view every modules icon should siut to others.
GIJOE  Posted on 2006/4/6 4:31 | Last modified
hi LazyBadger.
Site down?

Anyway, As AVAMAN is a small module, its icon should share little space in admin's icon area
LazyBadger  Posted on 2006/4/5 20:25
I just create module-icon for you... You can grab it here:
McDonald  Posted on 2006/4/5 6:21
Thanks for the fix GIJOE!

Just updated to version .20 and looks good.

Yesterday I uploaded a zip-file containing appr. 1800 avatars without any problems on my test server. Except one: Removing all 1800 avatars again (deleted them from the hard drive and emptied the avatar table).

One question. If a user is using one of the avatars the selection box for deleting is disabled (grey). Is it possible to add a 'Select All / Clear All ' function so all unused avatars can be selected at once?
GIJOE  Posted on 2006/4/5 4:24 | Last modified
1 Question: Why is there an empty submenu when going to Modules -> Avatar Manager ?
Certainly, it makes avaman hard to use.
I've just fixed in 0.11.
0.11 has been an older version.
Try with 0.20
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