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Submitted Date:  2009/4/22





● waiting 0.8 からの新機能



各モジュールのinclude/waiting.plugin.php にプラグインを置き、言語ファイルは、language/LANG/waiting.phpにおきます。









・ モジュール名の下に各承認待ちが表示されるようにテンプレートを変更した



-addresses (by gruessle)
-Agenda-X (by GIJOE)
-AMS (by karedokx)
-articles (by twilo)
-catads (by Alain01)
-CBB (by gravies)
-extcal (by alain01)
-MyAds (by Tom_G3X)
-myAlbum-P (by GIJOE) multiple
-mydownloads (by GIJOE)
-mylinks(by GIJOE)
-newbb2 (by gravies)
-news (by GIJOE)
-PDlinks (by flying.tux)
-PDdownloads (by flying.tux)
-piCal (by GIJOE) (>=0.8 has the module side plugin)
-pico (by GIJOE) (D3 module side plugin)
-popnupblog (by dashboard)
-simpleblog (by kousuke)
-smartfaq (by mariuss)
-smartpartner (by mariuss)
-smartsection (by flying.tux)
-system -- comments (by GIJOE)
-tutorials (by GIJOE)
-weblinks (by Tom_G3X)
-WF-downloads (by coldfire, flying.tux)
-WF-links (by flying.tux)
-WF-Sections (by GIJOE)
-WordBook (by AgD)
-WordPress ME (by nobunobu) multiple (>=0.5 has the module side plugin)
-xcGallery (by nao-pon)
-xDirectory (by GIJOE)
-xfguestbook (by karedokx)
-xfsection (by Bezoops)
-xyp4all (by flying.tux)
-yomi search (by nao-pon)
-eguide (by tes)


ver 0.95|
- added D3 module ready
- added french (thx marco)
- added portuguesebr (thx Izzy)
- added persian (thx stranger) 0.95a
- a plugin added
-- eguide (by tes) 0.95b
- languge files added
-- ja_utf8 0.95c

ver 0.94b|
- modified the module icon (thx Argon)
- 2 pugins added
-- extcal (thx alain01)
-- articles (thx twilo)

ver 0.94a|
- fixed a typo in plugins/yomi.php (thx yshima)

:ver 0.94|
- removed CRs in some php files
- a plugin added
-- XFSection (thx Bezoops)

:ver 0.93|
- updated Italian (thx flying.tux)
- a plugin added
-- SmartPartner (thx mariuss)

:ver 0.92|
- add SQL cache
- fixed some typos (thx karedokx)
- 2 plugin modified
-- WF-Section (thx karedokx)
-- catads (thx Alain01)
- 2 plugins added
-- WordBook (thx AgD)
-- recette (thx karedokx)

:ver 0.91|
- updated Italian (thx flying.tux)

:ver 0.90|
- modified the structure of the directory for plugins
- modified system plugin (thx gravies)
- 3 plugins added
-- newbb2 or CBB (thx gravies)
-- catads (thx Alain01)
-- WF-links (thx flying.tux)

:ver 0.86| by flying.tux
- Italian updated
- 2 plug-ins added
-- PDlinks (thx flying.tux)
-- PDdownloads (thx flying.tux)

:ver 0.85| by GIJOE
- modified the dependencies of language files and constants radically

:ver 0.84| by GIJOE
- fixed a typo in the form for block's options (thx flying.tux)
- fixed some Notices in "not always" mode
- 2 plug-ins added
-- xfguestbook (thx karedokx) (0.84a)
-- AMS (thx karedokx) (0.84a)
- a plug-in modified
-- weblinks (thx Tom_G3X) (0.84b)

:ver 0.83| by GIJOE
- fixed missing a Creteria in getList()

:ver 0.82| by flying.tux
- few modifications in English
- few modifications in Italian
- 1 plug-in added
-- smartsection(thx flying.tux)

:ver 0.81| by GIJOE
- changed the route to admin (from block's option edit)
- modified English
- added some protections against direct accessing
- Italian added(thx flying.tux)
- 1 plug-in added
-- xyp4all(thx flying.tux)

:ver 0.8|
-- modified as reading plug-in from module's directory if it exists
-- multiple waitings can be returned from single function
--- almost plug-ins are modified along this new spec by GIJOE
-- modified the template as watings belonging modules
--- English and Japanese text are shorten by GIJOE
- 1 plug-in added
-- Weblinks(by Ryuji)

:ver 0.7c|
-- 1 plug-in added
--- WordPress ME(by nobunobu) multiple

:ver 0.7b|
-- 1 plug-in added
--- SmartFAQ (by mariuss)

:ver 0.7a|
-- 1 plug-in added
--- WF-Downloads (by coldfire)

:ver 0.7|
-- 2 language files added
--- spanish (by ColdBeer)
--- swedish (by Leif Madsen)
-- 1 plug-in added
--- xcGallery (by nao-pon)

:ver 0.6|
-- An option added whether it is displayed when no wating exists
-- 3 plug-ins added
--- Addresses (by gruessle)
--- MyAds (by Tom_G3X)
--- Tutorials (by GIJOE)

:ver 0.5|
-- some plug-ins added
-- English document file - is this - added.

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Comments list

GIJOE  Posted on 2008/8/31 3:58
hi Sina!

Thank you for the language file.
It looks perfect (No errors).

I've just added them into the "waiting" archive. (0.95a)
stranger  Posted on 2008/7/27 22:04
I have translated waiting to Persian.

You can download it from here.

Sorry for all these posts, but I wanted to keep them separated ...

Sina (aka stranger).
kurak_bu  Posted on 2006/8/14 23:11
great job!
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/7/9 17:08
hi karedokx.

Thank you for reporting the typos.
And more thanks about making new plugins.

i'm not quite remember if this is the behavior of the previous version too: in the latest waiting module, a non active module is shown in the block. should we not showing them?
You can see the setting in block's option.
Go to "edit" in blocksadmin.
karedokx  Posted on 2005/7/5 19:39 | Last modified
gijoe, just want to report several typos:

in file plugins\wfsection.php:
$block['lang_linkname'] = _PI_WAITING_WAITINGS ;

in file language\english\plugins.php:

i'm not quite remember if this is the behavior of the previous version too: in the latest waiting module, a non active module is shown in the block. should we not showing them?

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