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Submitted Date:  2009/9/19
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==== D3Pipes ===

A synthetic module for site syndications.


- Outer RSS/ATOMs can be displayed with any aggregation
- Outer RSS/ATOMs can be imported/deleted automatically
- Outer RSS/ATOMs can be marked/commented
- Inside "what's new" information can be displayed with any aggregation
- Both informations of inside/ouside can be treated seamlessly
- Both informations of inside/ouside can be output by the format of RSS1/2/ATOM
- Full customizable "Joint Model"
- Entry extraction
- Asynchronous blocks which never make your site heavy (Of course, clonable)
- As D3 module, free dirname, duplicate, and easy maintenance.


Install altsys>=0.55 also. (essential)

Copy "common/lib" (JavaScript Libraries) under XOOPS_ROOT_PATH

Be sure smarty plugins (d3comment_*) are copied into class/smarty/plugins/
Install it as normal D3 module.

(If you did not)
Make a directory XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/cache and change the mode writable.

add pipes in "pipe" admin.
You'd better use "Wizard" till you become familiar with the pipe structure.

Notice: Async block requires the privileges of not only "block access" but also "module access".


If you want Sitemaps feature for google etc., just copy html/sitemap.php of the archive into XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/

All you have to do is just specify the URL (URL/sitemap.php) as the sitemap of your site to "Google Webmasters" etc.

You can get the URLs for Sitemaps easily just by accessing the top of d3pipes as the administrator of the site.

Note: This feature named "Sitemap" is irrelevant from "sitemap module" I had maintained a long time ago.


0.68 2009-08-08
- patched for the bug of libxml 2.7.0 - 2.7.3 (thx toychee)
- modified a parse joint D3pipesParsePhpbbactivetopics.class.php 0.68a
- fixed the patch for the bug of libxml (thx tsuji) 0.68b

0.67 2009-05-27
- added defaults for all joint_class into mysql.sql
- added reassign joints
-- pico_ef_except
- modified a joint D3pipesBlockBulletinlist

0.66 2009-01-18
- added a parse joint D3pipesParsePhpbbactivetopics.class.php
- modified D3pipesBlockPicolist.class.php fetches ef and tags
- added the order option for comment-integration
- modified a joint D3pipesBlockD3bloglist can specify userID (thx hodaka) 0.66a
- added language files
-- portuguesebr (thx leco)
- updated language files
-- persian (thx voltan) 0.66b
- added block joints
-- eguide2 0.66c

0.65 2008-11-18
- modified Sitemaps feature easy as possible
- added a joint to merge entries from the other d3pipes (UnionTheotherd3pipes)
- fixed missing assignment "pipe" from clipping detail controller
- added "initial_pipe" attributes for each entries
- added option "keep pipe info" for union joints
- added "keep pipe info" as a preference and block's options
- fixed wrong dirname displying for pipes from the other modules (thx ume8) 0.65a
- modified utf8from joints modified encoding field in the XML declaration 0.65a
- modified some interfaces a little better 0.65a

0.64 2008-09-20
- added editing pubtime via ajax
- added editing description/content:encoded via ajax
- modified unserializer for entry data
- modified UTF8from removing encoding in XML declaration (thx akira1019) 0.64a

0.63 2008-05-20
- added an option "link to clipping or lint to entry directly" into block
- modified comment-integration (update d3forum into 0.83 or higher)
- added joints
-- D3pipesBlockD3bloglist (thx hodaka)
-- D3pipesBlockD3downloadslist (thx photositelinks) 0.63d
- fixed typo in block_sync_big.html (thx toychee,neko88) 0.63a
- modified block joints can be added extra parameters 0.63b
- fixed D3pipesBlockXpwikipages.class.php missing require abstract class 0.63c
- fixed _MD_D3PIPES_N4J_EXTRAOPTIONS is not assigned other than japanese 0.63d

0.62 2008-05-01
- reverted D3pipesClipModuledb never change fingerprints
- added joints
-- D3pipesReassignAppendpubtimeintofingerprint

0.61 2008-04-29
- modified D3pipesClipModuledb rebuilds unique fingerprints as possible
- added joints
-- D3pipesReplaceTidy4xml
-- D3pipesReplaceTidy4xhtml
- removed joints
-- D3pipesReplaceTidy
- fixed <webmaster> is encoded other than UTF-8 (thx neko88) 0.61a

0.60 2008-02-20
- fixed updated field in atom (thx yumipoyo)
- added a plugin for sitemap (thx GEM)
- fixed version number (thx nobuhiro) 0.60a
- fixed typo in pulgin for sitemap (thx yumipoyo) 0.60b
- modified considering dc:subject as a category 0.60b
- fixed owners problem 0.60b
- added joints
-- FilterFuture_except - filter future entries out 0.60b
- modified templates removed adminmail 0.60c

0.59 2007-12-12
- fixed a fatal error on failed unserializing (thx sunuken)
- added a root controller sitemap.php for google sitemap
- added block joints
-- xpwiki (thx nao-pon) 0.59a

0.58 2007-11-10
- fixed invalid clipping_id does not make redirect (thx Nobelium)
- added description for each pipes
- fixed wrong assign rss+xml in clipping (thx rockel)
- added language files
-- persian (thx voltan and irmtfan)
-- french (thx gigamaster)
-- fr_utf8 (thx gigamaster)

0.57 2007-10-13
- added sitemap xml
- added configurations for entries count (eachpipe,cliplist,rss)
- addded a RSS linked to clipping
- fixed needless header for rss+xml (thx rockle)
- fixed typo in clipping html (thx rockle)
- fixed permission problem in
- modified (Overwrite this file in ROOT side)
- fixed union default entries problem (thx rockle) 0.57a

0.56 2007-09-05
- modified KeithXML extracting attributes of <item>
- modified parser for RSS1.0 using rdf:about as fingerprint
- fixed some warnings and notices (thx souhalt) 0.56a
- modified W3C-DTF violated (missing cologne) feeds can be parsed 0.56a

0.55 2007-09-01
- fixed block_sync_big.html (thx Nobelium)
- fixed separated view broken in 0.53
- fixed xml title for module aggregated view (thx kilica)
- modified lastfetch can be updated by block joints (thx kilica)

0.54 2007-08-24
- added a joint update ping
- added a configuration about ping servers

0.53 2007-08-23
- added a configuration about snoopy max_redirs
- added joints
-- ReassignHtmlentitydecode (Fix extra htmlentitied entries)
-- ReassignTruncate (using xoops_substr() to each field)
- modified template as "allow_html" also effects displaying headline 0.53a

0.52 2007-08-20 (update the module)
- added joints
-- SortPubtimedsc
-- SortHeadlinestr
-- SortHeadlineint
- added a feature deleting a clipping
- added a feature turn clipping's visibility on/off
- divided from eachpipe into eachpipe and cliplist
- modified a function on updating comments
- fixed some typos 0.52a

0.51 2007-08-12
- added xml output for index aggregation
- modified keithxml not to sort any entries
- added a html header "alternate application/rss+xml"

0.50 2007-07-13 Install altsys >= 0.55
- modified compatibility with XOOPS 2.0.16
- added inner joints wizard
- added joints for inner modules
-- myAlbum-P
-- myDownloads
-- myLinks
-- piCal
-- plzXoo
-- News
-- Bulletin2
-- System(comments)
-- xhnewbb
-- newbb1

0.34 2007-07-06
- fixed common/lib rendering character converted wrongly
- fixed common/lib rendering conflits admin_in_theme of altsys
- modified template for pipe editing
- added joints
-- ReplaceTidy (0.34a)
-- ReplaceXsltproc (0.34a)

0.33 2007-07-03
- added a joint type of "text replacement"
- modified the spec of separators for joint's option
- added InPlaceEditor into clipping view
- fixed "union" cannot work with PHP5 (thx DJ_okamOTO) 0.33a
- fixed multibyte options are converted wrongly 0.33b

0.32 2007-06-30 (Install common/lib/ also)
- added a command for cron (ROOT/modules/dirname/bin/
- added encoding judgement into RSS/Atom wizard
- modified the logic of pipe parsing radically (reversal evaluation)
- fixed Atom cannot be parsed in 0.31 (Keithxml)
- added a new joint type of "cache"
- removed caching feature from clip joints
- added two reassign joint Allowhtml and Strigtags
- added pipe operation by Ajax (Install common/lib)

0.31 2007-06-21 (update the module)
- modified error handler can distinguish parse error from fetch error
- modified RSS/Atom redirection
- added Snoopy's setting (Proxy and curl path) into preferences
- added a UNION joint without aggregation
- added a block's option - Separated view
- modified escaping rule that jsbackend.html can use single quote
- added a block template for big view
- divided files for blocks
- divided functions for block editing
- modified interfaces of block's options
- added a preferences - life time of fetching cache
- added pipe analyzer
- added wizard for creating a pipe for RSS/Atom
- modified a parse of Keithxml for CDATA part (thx Yeah) 0.31a

0.30 2007-06-05 (update the module)
- modified interface of pipe admin
- modified multiple pipe_id can be assinged for a block
- modified block/jsbackend templates
- added sync type block
- modified blocks into D3 standard style
- added methods of callback and validation into D3 comment class
- added a field of comments_count
- added filter joints for exception
- changed language name
-- ja_utf8 (formerly japaneseutf) 0.30a
- modified block option can each pipe_id has max entries 0.30a

0.20 2007-05-11
- changed the structure "altsys essential"
- added language constants override system (with altsys>=0.5)
- templatized mymenu (with altsys>=0.5)
- fixed typo in block joint of PicoList (thx emomo)
- added language files
-- japaneseutf

0.14 2007-05-02
- added parse class LinkHTML
- fixed parsing <link> of Atom 0.3 (thx kilica)

0.13 2007-04-27
- added parse class SimpleHTML
- added reassign class DefaultLink

0.12 2007-04-24
- added page navigation to older clippings
- modified parser Atom 0.3 (thx kilica)
- modified SQL escape from addslashes() to mysql_real_escape_string()
- modified MySQL original style SQL into standard style (for MySQL5)

0.11 2007-04-19
- modified error handlings easier
- modified rss/rdf/atom auto recognization
- added incoherence checks on pipe editing
- added highlight

0.10 2007-04-17
- The first release
- modified failable initials 0.10a

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Comments list

GIJOE  Posted on 2009/9/19 6:13


ただ、組み合わせ的には現在のさくらインターネットのPHP Version 5.2.10とd3pipeの最新の0.68を組み合わせた時にほぼ必ず起きる現象のようです。




tsuji  Posted on 2009/9/10 17:07
ただ、組み合わせ的には現在のさくらインターネットのPHP Version 5.2.10とd3pipeの最新の0.68を組み合わせた時にほぼ必ず起きる現象のようです。


設定自体はうさぎにもできるXoops Cube入門の通りにやっています


array(0) {
--- errors ---
array(0) {




nobuhiro  Posted on 2008/2/25 0:24
xoops_trust_path/xoops_version.php のバージョン番号が古い (0.59) ままのようです。(d3pipes-0.6.tar.gz)
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/5/11 5:07


emomo  Posted on 2007/5/9 17:24








- 'link' => $data['mod_url'].$content['link']
+ 'link' => $data['mod_url'].'/'.$content['link'] ,

- 'fingerprint' => $data['mod_url'].$content['link'] ,
+ 'fingerprint' => $data['mod_url'].'/'.$content['link'] ,

Wardick  Posted on 2007/4/17 12:50 | Last modified
Yes that worked.

Nice Module!!

Thank you.
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/4/17 11:42
hi Wardick!

Go to "Joint initials" in admin, and save once.
Wardick  Posted on 2007/4/17 9:00
I get a blank page when entering pipes from the main menu.

d3pipes_common_get_joint_object_default(): Failed opening required '/home/Trust/modules/d3pipes/joints/union/D3pipesUnion.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/home') in /home/Trust/modules/d3pipes/include/common_functions.php on line 60
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