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Submitted Date:  2006/5/3
in englishin japanese- myblocksadmin -

This package is deprecated. you should use new mymenu and altsys


This files add blocks admin into your module.

- XOOPS 2.0.x
- Oreteki XOOPS
- XOOPS 2.1/2.2 (from
- XOOPS Cube 2.0.x (from


XOOPS's admin of blocks and groups will be hard to use,
when many modules is installed.
If each module has the block management screen for itself,
webmasters using XOOPS will feel it easy, I think.
I will recommend it to the module developers by all means.


1) copy 6 files of
into modules/(your module)/admin/
(this admin.php is compatible for mymenu)

2) copy 3 file of
gtickets.php (optional)
into modules/(your module)/include
(this gtickets.php is compatible for mymenu)

3) edit admin/menu.php and append a menu item like this:

$adminmenu[] = array( 'title' => _MI_SYSTEM_ADMENU2 ,
'link' => "admin/myblocksadmin.php" ) ;

4) If you want to add a feature keeping block's options when module is updated:

append this code into the tale of your xoops_version.php

// On Update
if( ! empty( $_POST['fct'] ) && ! empty( $_POST['op'] ) && $_POST['fct'] == 'modulesadmin' && $_POST['op'] == 'update_ok' && $_POST['dirname'] == $modversion['dirname'] ) {
	include dirname( __FILE__ ) . "/include/" ;

copy in this archive to modules/(your module)/include/
edit as you like.

5) If you want to modify a block cloneable, insert a line into xoops_version.php

$modversion['blocks'][(block_number)]['can_clone'] = true ;

That's all !


I do not insist on the right of these codes, and don't guarantee.


2006-05-03 0.43 updated gticket2
2006-02-10 0.42 modified cloning function as a module (thx nobunobu)
2005-11-13 0.41 modified the compatibility with PHP 5.0.5
modified some files from CR+LF into LF
2005-08-09 0.40 added supporting XOOPS 2.2 provisionally
2005-06-09 0.30 fixed 'area' of GTicket in myblocksadmin
2005-05-25 0.29 modified supporting nobunobu's SPAW based on 1.10RC
modified XoopsGTicket supports 'area' and 'referer'
fixed 'clone' action does not reflect content&c_type
2005-04-06 0.28 added SPAW mode for editing custom blocks (use TinyD's spaw)
2005-02-22 0.27 modified blocks is ordered by visible,side,weight (thx dclinf)
2005-02-21 0.26 modified some compatibilities against FireFox
2005-02-06 0.25 disabled checking IP
2005-01-13 0.24 modified ticket system (limit stubs max 10)
added blocks and groups admin for the other modules
added implementation about custom blocks -clone&edit&preview-
2005-01-08 0.23 fixed losing template of cloned blocks (thx domifara)
2004-12-30 0.22 modified using $_SERVER instead of $_ENV (thx Marijuana)
fixed bug with specifying cloneable block
2004-12-23 0.21 fixed compatibility with 2.0.9RC and PHP5 (thx domifara)
2004-12-22 0.20 cloning block supported
fixed for modules which has no blocks
added (special thx! nobunobu)
2004-12-16 0.12 eliminated unsed codes from for the security
2004-12-10 0.11 modified ticket system
2004-12-06 0.10 modified ticket system
2004-12-05 0.09 modified ticket system
2004-12-03 0.08 modified to use $_GET or $_POST instead of $HTTP_*_VARS (mari)
added admin_refcheck() for security (mari)
added ticket system for security (mari)
eliminated foreach() extraction from $_POST (mari)
fixed a place to include language files (thx marcan)
2004-07-19 0.07 modified redirection after edit into myblocksadmin
added a feature for modifying target modules & cachetime
2004-06-15 0.06 added a feature for modifying orders
added coloring like admin_r (thx Ryuji)
2004-03-09 0.05 modified all button's code of JavaScript
2004-02-29 0.04 security patch
2003-12-18 0.03 for XOOPS <= 2.0.3 patch
(gperm_handler->deleteByModule() has only 1 parameter)
2003-12-12 0.02 'module_read' and 'module_admin' to be able to change
2003-12-4 0.01 first release

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