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nekomama  企霹始   Posts: 4
Dear GIJOE-san,
I'm not sure I can write about in your forum, but if you know something about my topic, I'd like you to give me your advice.
I have been having trouble with for a few days. First I couldn't make login, but I could see the website. Now I can't even see the site. The error says "The web host is not accessible."
I'm a Japanease but I access the site from overseas. Do you think they deny access from overseas? If so, are there any way I can access? Or is this just an server error and I can see the site again soon?
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GIJOE  黎扦烦菱   Posts: 4110
hi nekomama. is running with xrea server.
xrea shut some oversea's accesses out since a few month ago.

I've discussed about this problem with fabi the webmaster of

He has asked it to xrea.
xrea answers soon.

And he suggests will move to somewhere without such a limitation.

I just say to you "wait a moment"...
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none Re: about

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nekomama  企霹始   Posts: 4
Thank you, GIJOE-san.
I'll wait for the answer from xrea. I hope it won't take so long....
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